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AllHealth Network

We provide professional, culturally inclusive behavioral health services through a full range of specialized programs that serve people of all ages with every day troubles to those with severe and persistent mental illness. We have inpatient and outpatient services as well as group and individual or family counseling. Our care goes beyond behavioral health to provide many specialized health services including substance use, employment support and victim's services- all of which are important to a fulfilling and healthy life! We are proud of our history and commitment to the south metro area where we have been helping people live full and productive lives since 1955.

Third-party Processing Fees

Third-party vendors charge credit card and electronic check processing fees when you make an online donation. Two percent of each donation helps to cover these fees and ensures the program's long-term sustainability. The two percent processing fee is one of the lowest processing fees in the country.

Receipts and Tax Credits

You will automatically receive an on-screen acknowledgement letter and an e-mailed copy for your donation. Every donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the full extent permitted by law. If you make a donation to a charity that offers Child Care or Enterprise Zone credits (additional Colorado state tax credits), Community First Foundation will acknowledge that your donation was processed successfully, but the charity will issue you an additional receipt pursuant to that. To learn more about these tax credits, contact the specific nonprofits.

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