Terri's 9Health Fair Fundraising Campaign

by Terri Kuehn through 9Health Fair

I have set up a personal fundraising page for 9Health Fair because I truly believe in the important life-saving screenings they provided to nearly 42,000 individuals in 2015. 9Health Fairs are offered in almost every community in Colorado and our success in no small part is due to the efforts of approximately 15,000 volunteers who do everything from ship supplies to draw blood. Our Family 9Health Fairs also continue to grow as we reach out to diverse family audiences. Since 1980, 9Health Fair has encouraged participants to learn more about, and accept more responsibility for, their health. This is accomplished by offering health education and a variety of free and low-cost health screenings that help participants learn about their cholesterol, blood sugar, liver, kidney, bone, muscle function and other key values. The charge for these screenings is typically a fraction of what is commonly charged. In 2015, fairs also offered up to 25 free screenings such as breast, skin, memory, vision, and lung function. I have set a fundraising goal of $1,000 and am sincerely requesting your help in reaching this goal. By donating to 9Health Fair, you will be helping contribute to life-saving early detection and prevention.  A $25 donation will provide approximately 25 blow tubes for lung function tests  A $35 donation will provide a voucher for a free 28-panel blood chemistry screening  A $40 donation will provide a new blood pressure cuff  A $50 donation will help provide 1,000 examination gloves for medical volunteers  A $100 donation provides 4 women with a free Pap screening and follow up  A $500 donation will provide a site grant to offset the costs of putting on a fair Thanks to your continued support, 9Health Fair will be able to continue these important programs.

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