Print Ads, Web Ads & Postcards

Below are different types of Colorado Gives Day announcements you can download and insert into your website and print materials.


Web Ads

To download web ads, click on the text above the image.

Horizontal Ad


Square Ad

Vertical Ad


Thank You Ad

Print Ads - Color

To download ads, click on the text.

1 Column 2.33"x5" Ad, PDF

1 Column 2.33"x5" Ad, JPG


2 Column 4.9"x5" Ad, PDF

2 Column 4.9"x5" Ad, JPG


Half Page 7.5"x5" Ad, PDF 

Half Page 7.5"x5" Ad, JPG


Print Ads - Black & White

To download ads, click on the text.

1 Column 2.33"x5" Ad, PDF 


2 Column 4.9"x5" Ad, PDF


Half Page 7.5"x5" Ad, PDF

Co-Branded Postcard Template

This postcard opens either as a Word document or InDesign File. Insert your logo, name and URL in the boxes as marked.

Postcard Template - Word Document


Postcard Template - PDF


Postcard Template - InDesign

*For the InDesign Template: please download both files in the zipped document. Then make sure you have fully unzipped both files. Open the IMDL file In InDesign. If you receive broken links messages, click on the Relink symbol and point to the PDF.  


Donate Now Button

Below is the image of the ColoradoGives Donate Now Button. You can access the html that will display this button and automatically link it to your donation page, by logging in as a nonprofit, selecting Nonprofit Resources and then clicking on the link that states "Donate Now" button.