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Don't Forget about AIDS

by Paula Palmateer

"Don't Forget about AIDS" was the title of a recent editorial in the New York Times, by Elton John. His point is that while there have been great advances in marriage equality, with 32 States now allowing gay marriage, the rates of infection for HIV are still at unacceptable levels. The reasons are many, including "not me", to "I can always take the medicine if I contract HIV", to the advancement in a pre-exposure prophylaxis, Truvada, whom some incorrectly feel is a miracle drug that will end AIDS.

In addition to this reminder that AIDS is still with us, in a recent survey out of the University of Chicago, 20% of youth (boys and girls, ages 12-18) reported themselves as victims of physical and sexual abuse in dating relationships.

Connecting the dots says, to me, that youth who engage in "risky behavior" are at risk for HIV, AIDS, other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's), and yes, teen pregnancy.

Since 1996, Red Ribbon Project has been active in Eagle County....promoting prevention, awareness and education around HIV/AIDS and support for those infected. Recently, our mission has expanded to include all STI's and prevention of unwanted teen pregnancies.

Our work includes free HIV testing 6 times/year, and an extensive education program in our local school, reaching students from 5th through 12th grades. We provide students with not only age appropriate information, but with tools for dealing with the issues they will face as they enter puberty and throughout their teen years.

Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 9th, is an opportunity for you to support Red Ribbon Project's important work. By donating on that day, your contribution will be enhanced by a local incentive fund.

My goal this year is to raise $ 1,500. You can help me reach that goal by clicking on the Donate button. You can even pre-schedule your donation TODAY by clicking on the button that says "schedule a donation for Colorado Gives Day 12/09/2014".

"Don't Forget about AIDS" and "Don't Forget to Give"! NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!

Thank you for your support of Red Ribbon Project, an organization that is near and dear to my heart!

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