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The B.A.R.K. Project

by Henley Hall

I combined my Studio Art Portfolio and Senior Service project to create The B.A.R.K. (Benefit of Art to Rescue K9s) Project. I selected fifteen canines of the Colorado Academy community as candidates for painted portraiture. Each portrait is a minimum $100 contribution that will go to the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue and help with the cost of food, medicine, veterinary fees or basic supplies.

I chose RMPR because it is a nonprofit organization whose mission is "to save unwanted animals from euthanasia and to spread the knowledge that spaying and neutering your animals at a young age saves lives". The Puppy Rescue is made up of "a group of hardworking fosters and volunteers that work to save the lives of unwanted animals in and around Colorado. They focus on no particular breed but on the younger animals that, when dumped in a shelter, are often exposed to deadly disease and experience lack of socialization, literally killing their chances at becoming balanced adult dogs".

7 Million: the number of animals-- cats and dogs that enter the
shelter system in the US each year.
1 Million: the number of animals that are put to death due to illness,
or viciousness because of a lack of socialization.
2 Million: the number of animals that are reunited with their
owners or adopted out.
4 Million: the number of animals that are put to death simply because no one wants them, there is not enough room, and because not enough humane societies are willing to use Rescue groups to save them.
Roughly 60% of all dogs that enter a shelter are put to death simply because there is no room to keep them.

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