How to Schedule Colorado Gives Day Donations

Scheduled donations are available November 1 through December 6 for Colorado Gives Day 2021. Here's how to schedule a donation for Colorado Gives Day:

  1. Search for a nonprofit or fundraising page above.
  2. Click their "VIEW" button.
  3. Enter or select your donation amount.
  4. Click the green "SCHEDULE FOR GIVES DAY" button.
  5. Select whether to schedule a one-time donation to process on December 7, 2021 or to schedule an annual recurring Colorado Gives Day donation.
  6. Click CONTINUE.
  7. Click ADD TO BASKET.
  8. To keep giving, click "EXPLORE NONPROFITS."
  9. When all your scheduled donations are in the basket, click "VIEW BASKET."
  10. Click the "CHECKOUT" button. Log into or create a donor account, enter receipt information, and then enter payment information.
  11. Click "SUBMIT."

​Example of Schedule Donation Flow