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Bill's 2015 CFI Campaign

by Bill Middlebrook

Hello 14er Enthusiasts!

This summer I'm trying to raise $35,000 for the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) and would like your help. Last year my campaign goal was $30,000 but we topped out at $48,270! Incredible. I want to thank you again for your generosity.

Each year the CFI builds and maintains sustainable trails to accommodate hiking use while minimizing damage to native alpine ecosystems. They also provide on-trail peak stewards to educate hikers about Leave No Trace principles and sustainable recreational practices designed to lessen ecosystem impacts. In the news or on social media, you may have read about CFI's 14er Report Card program which used detailed trail data to assign a grade to the standard 14er trails. Well, it's not all good news. Some of the 14er trails received poor grades and are in need of some serious repair. Along with priorities set by the U.S. Forest Service, these grades will assist the CFI in scheduling trail maintenance but they need our help to fund the work. Ten years ago the majority of 14er trail funding came from state and federal agencies but now a large portion is funded by our individual contributions, which have been on the rise for 6 straight years. In 2013, $251,342 of CFI funding came from individuals and in 2014, that increased to a record $273,168.

During the 2015 summer hiking season, CFI crews will perform maintenance on 22 14ers with work being driven by the "report card" information. Additionally, work will continue on the large El Diente Peak project in Kilpacker Basin so the new Kilpacker trail can be opened and the old trail closed, restored and stabilized. Major trail reconstruction will also continue on Mt. Bierstadt, one of most popular (and most damaged) 14ers. Both El Diente and Bierstadt projects will utilize large Youth Corps crews. A crew will also be working on Mount of the Holy Cross to complete the multi-year project on the standard route. If you see a CFI crew out on the trail, please thank them for their great work!

So, if you haven't already made a donation to the CFI this year, please consider making one through my campaign so we can reach my goal by mid-August.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Bill Middlebrook
Breckenridge, CO

CFI is a Colorado non-profit and donations are tax deductible. If you provide your address when making a donation, the CFI folks will send you a letter which can be used for 2015 tax filing purposes.

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