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Bringing Independence Home - Fundraising Committee

by Home Builders Foundation

The Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver provides accessibility solutions and home modifications for individuals with disabilities and financial need. With the help of the HBF, people with disabilities can remain at home, living with more independence. Help us celebrate our pursuit of Bringing Independence Home this year by donating today. With the help of our suppliers and volunteers, we're able to leverage every $1 we put towards a project into over $5 in project value.

Bringing Independence Home each time a door frame is widened to a kitchen, bathroom or any room that is otherwise unreachable in a wheel chair….project cost of $500 (Donate $50)

Bringing Independence Home by changing carpet into hard wood, when crossing a room seems like climbing a mountain….$1,000 for a 10x10 room (Donate $10)

Bringing Independence Home by installing a ramp into a home, because even one step up is too many….$3,500 for the cost of the ramp (Donate $35)

Bringing Independence Home with the installation of an accessible bathroom, everyone needs access to a commode or shower…$7,000 on average (Donate $70)

Bringing Independence Home with each fundraising event attended, dollar donated, or hour volunteered

Bringing Independence Home one recipient at a time

In the name of friendly competition the HBF is looking to see which committee can raise the most money for and introduce the most people to the foundation. Starting on April 10th and running through April 30th, the HBF Gifting, Public Relations and Fundraising Committees will go head-to-head in this push for the Bringing Independence Home campaign. If you were encouraged to donate to the HBF by a member of the Fundraising Committee- donate here!

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