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Melissa Chananie's 5k for GreenLeaf

by Melissa Chananie

Hi all!

This year I joined the Board of Community Advisors for GreenLeaf, a local Denver nonprofit dedicated to youth leadership and food justice. On May 14th, I'll be participating in the Colfax 5k to help raise money and awareness for this awesome organization.

GreenLeaf offers seamless year-round programming for a diverse crew of youth from all across Denver, who earn a fair wage working 5 hours per week during our School Year Program and 20 hours per week during our Summer Program. A key focus of the Summer Program is developing leadership skills, building teamwork, and exploring personal and community identities. During the School Year Program, we shift to a focus on evaluation of the farm season, conducting research on crops and production methods, and planning for next year's farm.

GreenLeaf Youth Interns take home approximately half of our harvests to share with their friends and family, and the rest of our produce is sold at low prices or donated to those in need in our community.

Last year, GreenLeaf lost our farm at Sustainability Park and were forced move. This means we need to completely rebuild in a new location. The money raised during this 5k will help us build our new GreenLeaf Farm at the Smiley Campus in Park Hill, and continue running our innovative, award-winning youth leadership development programming in 2016.

Every $50 raised can sponsor a member of the Youth Crew to run/walk the Colfax 5k as a part of Team GreenLeaf!

To learn more about Greenleaf, please visit:

GreenLeaf is a Project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Thanks for your support!

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