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We first met Greyson on April 29, 2015. He was a curious, active, and loud little guy, who brought so much joy into our lives. But Greyson left us, far too soon. He passed away on 6/18/15.

We hope you'll join us on April 29th to celebrate Greyson's third birthday so we can continue his legacy in benefit of 3Hopeful Hearts. 3Hopeful Hearts is a local nonprofit that provides grief support and partnership to parents and close family members who have lost a child at any age by any cause. They were a tremendous help to the Bechtel family following Greyson's passing.

We also ask that you wear grey in memory of Greyson on April 29th and share your pictures on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greysonpaulbechtel/

In Memory of Greyson Paul Bechtel
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Created April 27, 2018
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