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Spring greetings from Growing Colorado Kids! As we enter out 11th year we are filled with gratitude and renewed hope for the 2019 growing season. GCK's largest donor has given us a Matching Grant Challenge to raise $12,000.00 by June 15th, and we're using this opportunity to raise the funds.

Growing Colorado Kids youth say the program has had life-changing impacts for them and their families. One of our Youth Leaders says, "I come to GCK because it is a place of love. I like to come every Saturday because I feel relaxed when we work and everyone is kind." They identify Growing Colorado Kids as a safe place where they can ask questions and experience new things each week. The Growing Colorado Kids community is committed to maintaining this as a safe place and as a program of growth for the youth while learning important life skills of teamwork, service to others, gratitude, and leadership.

Join us today by making a tax deductible donation to Growing Colorado Kids and helping us raise $12,000.00 for this Matching Grant Challenge.

Thank you for advocating for refugee youth. Growing Colorado Kids appreciates your friendship and support!

Growing Colorado Kids is a Project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Help GCK surpass our $12,000 goal!
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