Firefly Autism House

Firefly, an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) facility, works 1-on-1 with children from 18 mos-21 yrs. ABA treatment is considered to be the "gold standard" of treating autism. We make it possible for children to make improvements that can be charted and proven not in years, but in weeks and months.

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General Information

Official Name
Alta Vista Center for Autism​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Firefly Autism House
Former Name(s)
(2007)The Aspen Center for Autism
(2010)Alta Vista Center for Autism
Date Established
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Child Care Credit
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Headquarters Address
2001 Hoyt Street
Lakewood, CO 80215
Colorado Location
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Mission Statement

Firefly Autism transforms the lives of individuals living with autism, with a particular focus on helping children reach their highest potential. By developing partnerships with families, we create lasting relationships through thoughtful, innovative, empirical learning treatment programs.

Organization History

Prior to Firefly, creating a one-stop shop concept where families could find ABA treatment, occupational/physical therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and home tutors all under one roof was not found.

The process for families prior was daunting and sometimes overwhelming as they would drive from one location to another in search of these needed services. In June of 2003, the doors of what was then called the Aspen Center for Autism opened with 12 children, 5 therapists and one program. For the first time, children would be able to have their academic, physical, speech, occupational, behavioral learning and trainings all in one place.

Because of Firefly Autism, parents have the option to access learning programs, therapy, consultation and other life-changing services all in one place. Not surprisingly, this holistic environment where learning and treatments are well coordinated, improves the child's ability to learn.

We offer a variety of services to meet the dynamic needs of the autism community, which we know is an incredibly diverse group. What all our services have in common is their focus on transforming the lives of children and young adults with autism.

By partnering with families, we are able to create life-long relationships through our thoughtful, innovative and empirical learning programs.


Imagine a life with Autism;
Imagine your child cannot communicate then one day they ask for their favorite foods, a break or even a hug;
Imagine your child not playing with his sister;
Then one day he plays with his sister.

Imagine that your child cannot ride a school bus;
Then, one day they learn to ride the bus.

Imagine your child not learning academics;
Then, one day they are on a life-long path to learning.

Imagine that you can turn Can't to CAN!

Here at Firefly Autism we can do just that through a scientifically based approach known as Applied Behavior Analysis.

Autism is an epidemic for which there is no known cause or cure. The latest statistics on incidence of occurrence indicate that 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 68 girls are being diagnosed with Autism. We at Firefly Autism use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to educate and treat our children and young adults. ABA is the best evidentiary based treatment for Autism which has been widely researched and published.

We offer a wide array of programs for children from 18 months to 21 years of age in school, social and home settings. "Our staff is a committed, passionate, relentless team that uses all of their skill, training in ABA, and wit to effect daily positive change for our children and their families." We have used good tools for our treatment and education strategies; however, we have developed an improved strategy to invest in and leverage technology to accelerate the positive effect of the treatment and education we provide. Technology helps every student have access to an appropriate and individualized learning environment technology can enrich the lives for all, but for students with Autism technology is essential. We are evolving our technology platforms to include iPads, smart interactive boards used in our classrooms, touch screen monitors, computers and software which will enhance our student's learning and staff effectiveness.

Thank you for your support of Firefly Autism!

Imagine a world where autism does not restrict a person's ability to access life.


It has been the focus of the Firefly Autism Board of Directors to help our staff serve a growing number of children and young adults on the spectrum.

Firefly's approach to helping these children and their families has been profound. Firefly creates results. It changes can't, into can. Imagine the impact on the entire family when their loved one with autism can communicate, interact, and more fully function... where they couldn't before.

Recent Firefly focus has been on adopting the latest technologies in conjunction with our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to help our professional staff be even more effective. We will thoughtfully and carefully incorporate our gold standard of treatment into our recent expansion of services, including to our recently opened Grand Junction center. With the considerable need for help to children with autism and their families, we are committed to serving more families in Colorado.

Please join us with your contribution to help make that happen. With your help, Firefly will continue to provide the highest quality service to a growing number of Colorado families on the spectrum. I thank you personally for your contribution and dedication to the Firefly cause.


A family recently shared that their child made more progress in just two months at Firefly then he did in a full year at his last treatment center. For the first time he wants to play and interact with his family rather than watch TV.

One of our families returned to Denver after a move out of state in order for their child to return to Firefly because they were highly disappointed in the treatment they received elsewhere. That child is now attending kindergarten with little support.

One of our young Fireflies came to us unable to walk and talk. He is now not only walking without a walker, but running down the halls! He is talking, too. All of this amazing progress in 11 months.

"I am writing to let your team know how grateful my wife and I are for all the fantastic work you have done with our child. Teaching children with autism is not an easy task but it seems that each Firefly teacher was hired to do just that. We have been amazed at the quality and professionalism they possess as well as their energetic, positive attitudes. Thank you to Firefly for the great work you do daily, you are making a difference in each of these children's lives."
~ A Firefly Parent

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