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Once again, we have a talented group of members with the potential of being extremely successful. Through a choreographed marching program created for competition, members not only learn to become proficient performers, they learn lifelong lessons that will benefit them in all of their future endeavors. While competition is mainly a summer activity, preparation continues year-round with monthly weekend camps from November through May. Daily 10-hour practices, seven days a week, begin in May and will continue when they go on tour.

Keeping members healthy and in peak performing condition for the summer tour are primary concerns for the Blue Knights. The food staff goes to great lengths to insure that members' nutritional and hydration needs met. If it is recommended that the average person consume 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day, drum corps members need 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day and they burn every one of those calories by marching, running, and rehearsing well over 20 miles per day. Calories consumed by marching members must be part of a well-balanced diet. They need plenty of carbohydrates to supply the energy they use throughout the day and need plenty of protein and fat to rebuild their muscles. A peanut butter and jelly station is always available for the members as a healthy snack.

We are hoping that you will come to the aid of members and guarantee that their experience will be a positive one. For several years now the cost of food has risen sharply and has strained our budget. The financial help we receive from you will make it possible for us to maintain our budget in other important areas such as chartering buses, fuel for the traveling caravan which includes 2 tractor trailers, a souvenir trailer, volunteer and administrative vehicles, and rental of facilities in the various cities performing while on tour.

This is what your tax-deductible donation can help us purchase!

$25-Peanut butter, jelly and bread or brownie dessert for one day (4 meals)
$50 - Fruit Salad dessert for one meal
$75 - One day's worth of Gatorade
$100- Four meals for a day for half the people (100)
$200- Four meals for a day for the group (200)
$500- Pizza Party!

Thank you for any assistance you can give us!

Mark Arnold
Director, Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps

Will you help? 60,000 total meals will be needed for 85 days!
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Created April 24, 2018
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