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El Sistema Colorado - Music as a Tool for Success

Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

Research shows that music education programs improve students' social-emotional well-being and buffer against negative factors like poverty and violence. Yet despite its many known benefits, access to quality music education in Denver is uneven.

By providing free music programming and instruments to Denver's under-resourced youth, El Sistema Colorado (ESC) bridges the access gap to music education. ESC is committed to providing hybrid and virtual programming throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A gift to ESC can help:

$10 - provides one child with one day of programming
$30 - provides a teaching artist for one hour of programming
$50 - provides an at-home virtual learning kit (includes music stand, lesson book, binder, rosin, cleaning cloth, baton/rhythm instrument, dry erase board/markers, etc.)
$100 - provides a month of private lessons
$200 - supports a month of learning for one student
$240 - sponsors one day of programming
$250 - sponsors 1 teaching artist for a week
$500 - underwrites a performance field trip
$2,500 - sponsors one student for the whole school year

El Sistema Colorado is a Project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Empowering Students Through Music
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