Latino families face increased barriers to clean water, healthy food and wellness because of systemic and historic injustices. Join us in our effort to bring Health Equity to Latino Families in Boulder County by supporting AMISTAD.

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El Centro AMISTAD​​​​​​​
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2222 14th Street
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create opportunities and programs that promote health equity, education, and quality of life for the Latino community in Boulder County



Promotoras de Salud Program :
This nationally recognized promotora program provides the only Latina-led leadership program for underserved Latinas in Boulder, providing educational sessions on health and wellness with a focus on the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

• In 2020, 75 participants completed the Wellness Challenge that consist on a 90 day program to support individuals to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, increase of consumption of water, healthy eating and physical activity. The Wellness Challenge initiated in September of 2018 and a total of 272 individuals have completed the program.

• In 2019, 10 promotoras were trained and they served over 1340 Latinos through door-to-door outreach, participation in classes and community events.

• 83% of participants indicated that they make healthier food choices in preparing meals for family members.
• 80% of participants indicated that they and their family members are more physically active.
• From March 2019 to March 2020, Promotoras have reached a total of 2,847 Latinos in the City of Boulder through home visiting, outreach and education.
• Promotoras were trained and certified on Mental Health First Aid.
• Promotoras were trained and certified as Lifestyle Coaches on Diabetes Prevention.

Passage of the City of Boulder's Sugary Drink Tax:
AMISTAD helped lead a successful campaign to gain passage of a 2 cent tax on sugary drinks in the City of Boulder. This will be generating up to $3.5 million a year to support access to clean drinking water, healthy foods, and physical activity opportunities for Latino families.
• In 2016, AMISTAD staff and promotoras provided education on the ballot initiative to more than 800 Latino residents. Senior AMISTAD staff served as one of the chief campaign spokespeople.
• With a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, produced Justicia Refrescante. Three bilingual videos featuring a Latino family described the need for access to clean water, health foods and physical activity.
o The water inequality video reached 17,807 people through social media and was viewed 7,372 times.
o Over 23,000 community members were reached through the Justicia Refrescante campaign.

Escuela de Madres y Padres:
Companeras founder Elena Aranda developed a first-of-its-kind curriculum for Spanish speaking parents to improve their parenting skills. Modelled on dialectical behavior therapy, parents learn how to use skills to better regulate their emotions, manage stress through mindfulness and be more present for their families.
• The pilot was launched in 2016 with two groups of 12 couples, with the program lasting eight weeks, with 90 minute weekly classes.
• Now, AMISTAD is implementing this program in partnership with the Boulder Valley School District at University Hill and Sanchez elementary schools. The psychology department at the University of Colorado at Boulder will be designing and implementing an evaluation.
• In April 2018, 45 parents graduated, completing the full curriculum.

• From September 2018 to March of 2020, 127 parents graduated and completing the full curriculum.

Boulder Community Foundation's 1% Pledge:
AMISTAD won a $10,000 prize in this competition, sponsored by the Boulder Community Foundation.
• Local non-profits presented a three-minute "pitch" to over 400 leaders in technology, business and philanthropy. The Promotoras de Salud presented on AMISTAD's health equity work to win first prize.
• [Note: these funds will be used to fund the expansion of the number of promotoras.

Health Equity Learning Series:
AMISTAD received a grant from the Colorado Trust to launch the Health Equity Learning Series, a video presentation and training session offered four times during 2016-2017.
• Over 100 community partners participated in an all-day training session.
• AMISTAD recruited medical providers, non-profit organizations, government representatives, school departments, and community members.
• AMISTAD is serving as a coach to these organizations and community members on a range of health equity issues.

Access to Physical Activity:
AMISTAD has created access to affordable soccer activities for more than 800 elementary school children since 2014.

COMPAÑERAS Annual Summit and Youth Summit LATINX:
This is AMISTAD's annual conference organized by and for Spanish-speaking women and youth to support their leadership and build a movement for health.

Goal: To increase awareness of social justice and equity, develop leadership, build resiliency in the Latino community.

• On September 17-19, 2020, AMISTAD hosted the 14th annual Cumbre Compañeras for women and the Cumbre Juvenil - a social justice conference for middle and high school youth who speak Spanish. This year the Cumbre was hosted virtually due to COVID-19 with the participation of 437 participants from 10 different countries.

Cumbre de Hombres (ELLOS):
This is AMISTAD's convening of Latino fathers and their teens to strengthen families and support Latino identity, power and engagement.
• In 2016, 25 Latino fathers and their teens participated
• In 2017, 50 Latino fathers and their teens participated
• In 2017, the keynote presentation focused on how Latino youth could use their power and identity to succeed in life and avoid negative interactions with the justice system.

Top Goals:

1) Support Latina Immigrant Women and Youth to develop leadership.

2) Support Latino Parents to engage in their children's education.

3) Continue expanding our Community Initiative - Health, Wellness and Education.

4) To Develop a Fundraising Plan.


Our needs are:

1) To find our own community center where we can provide more support to our community.

2) Fundraising support

3) Board Development support

4) Marketing support


In January 2001, people started meeting to discuss development of an immigrants rights center in Boulder. The result of those discussions was the formation of AMISTAD, a non-profit organization. AMISTAD is a place for immigrants to learn about and further their rights.


As an immigrant I know the difficulties that individuals could face in our society and as part of our commitment to social change and social justice I believe that access to a better quality and healthier life is important to succeed in our society.
One of AMISTAD'S primary objectives is to serve as one of the great collaborative models in our community to bring immigrant children and families from all backgrounds together, working toward a common cause and the common good.
In January 2013 AMISTAD adopted a new community initiative - "Health, Wellness & Education".
I believe that Healthy Kids Make Better Students and Better Students Make Healthy Communities.
Children are the future of our community and it is our responsibility to support their well-being. Through this initiative we will provide ways for children and their families to live a healthier life, to have access to physical activities and sports, to be successful at school, to have parents involved in their children's academic and health education and to achieve a higher quality of life. The components of our initiative are: Prevention of Obesity of Latino Children; Academic Support; Health Education & Prevention; Parent Involvement; Physical & Mental Health and Access to Physical Activities and Sports.


El Centro AMISTAD is a vital component of our community.
I joined AMISTAD's board because I believe that working together we can facilitate the immigrant families to achieved a better and healthier life. The support that AMISTAD provides to children and their families is unique and I believe that is our responsibility to provide equality for all. Understanding the struggles is not enough we need to take action and that's what AMISTAD do. I invite you to join and support this great organization.


"With an incredibly knowledgeable, articulate, skilled, compassionate and insightful staff, AMISTAD is an invaluable asset -- not only to the immigrant community, but to our entire community. They very ably identify the needs of immigrants in our community and provide appropriate services and resources, and they educate the entire community about the problems and frustrations of being an immigrant in our community"
-Betty Ball, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center

"AMISTAD serves Boulder's immigrants and the county as a whole by being a strong voice and advocate for immigrants' rights, by helping new
immigrants integrate within the community, and by highlighting and
celebrating the wonderful culture they bring with them."
-Rivvy Neshama, community organizer and educator

"I have watched AMISTAD grow from a fledgling organization into a
much needed advocate for human dignity in Boulder (Colorado). The voice that AMISTAD is providing for our newest residents, and the awareness they strive to create within our institutions, helps build important bridges between immigrants and the wider community."
-Rich Wildau

"AMISTAD provides an essential resource to the immigrant community of Boulder County.They are champions for the human and civil rights of immigrant families and beacons of hope for all who strive for justice and dignity in the community"
-Anne Tapp, Executive Director
Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence

"AMISTAD is an asset to the community, it is important for immigrants to have a safe place they can go where people understand their situation and speak their language"
-Janet Heimer, Community Action Programs Director

Organization History

In January 2001, people began meeting to discuss development of an immigrants rights center in Boulder. The result of those discussions was the formation of AMISTAD, a non-profit organization. Since then, AMISTAD has become a place for immigrants to learn about and further their rights.

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