Sharkey Financial Challenge Memorial Bootstraps Loan
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Fundraiser launched on April 29, 2021 by Bootstraps
Eileen Sharkey was a pioneer of the fee-only financial planner business model and an advocate for public education programs on personal finance. She was influential in promoting women in the financial industry She believed that financial planning was for everyone, not just the wealthy, and used every platform available to her to promote this belief.

Eileen was also passionate about Bootstraps. She served on the Bootstraps Board of Directors for three years and established the Sharkey Financial Challenge Bootstraps Loan in 2004. This loan has helped 18 financially challenged young adults attend college, the most recent in 2021.

Eileen was forthright and honest. Her delivery of financial concepts was priceless and she lived a full life. She always recommended that her clients take the time to enjoy life and she followed that advice.

She will be truly missed but never forgotten as her wisdom, kindness, inspiration, and impact will live on as we look forward to carrying on Eileen's legacy for many years to come.

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Sharkey Financial Challenge Memorial Bootstraps Loan
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