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The EDGE learning model seeks to challenge the traditional thinking of educational practices. EDGE was created to provide students the opportunity to pursue their own passions through a personalized learning model, learning from teachers but also our surrounding community of professionals and parents. Students will engage in authentic and memorable experiences, connected through all content areas allowing them to develop the skills needed to compete in a global society. Colleges and 21st Century careers are seeking students that are able to collaborate, communicate effectively through writing or speaking, understand the creativity process and the ability to think critically to solve. EDGE is committed to ensure learning is meaningful and students are assessed in authentic learning situations. EDGE mentors look at the big picture of learning taking into consideration the rigor of student projects connected to the student's personal passion or interests in order to inspire, motivate and engage all students.

The Legend EDGE program is a proud member of the Foundation for Douglas County Schools(FDCS). Through the FDCS, donations are used to lay the foundation of the EDGE program, cover the cost of field experiences, internships, new technology & memorable learning opportunities.

Donations are necessary to help provide students with mentoring, job shadows, apprentice learning, project-based learning and travel to develop the real-world skills.

The EDGE Program is raising funds to create the most memorable learning experience for students.
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