Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

We invite you to join us as companions on the journey, supporting a process of transformation through companionship with those who are poor and marginalized!

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Colorado Vincentian Volunteers


Human Services 


Adolescents/Youth (13-19 years)
Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens
At-Risk Populations
Blind & Vision Impaired
Poor, Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent


On a daily basis, CVV volunteers go out the door and journey to one of 17 work sites that CVV is serving this year. They are caseworkers, nurses, project coordinators, teachers, mentors, activities directors, mental health workers, home health care advocates, food distributors and more (see agency list below). Theirs is a journey that lasts beyond the year, a journey in which they come to know themselves, a journey in which hearts are touched, eyes are opened and community is formed. A journey where Charity and Justice meet. Join us on this journey by contributing from your resources.
Agencies being served:
Annunciation School, Anchor School for Blind Children, Arrupe Jesuit High School, Dominican Home Health, EarthLinks, The GrowHaus, Laradon with 2 volunteers, Mount St. Vincent Home, Samaritan House, Senior Support Services, St. Francis Center, Stout Street Health Center (2 volunteer nurses), Urban Peak GED, Urban Peak Shelter.


Evidence of Program's Success

Reading the blog that the former volunteers is evidence of the program success ( Staying in relationship with alum also confirms the program success. Finally our continued work with our partner agencies and their affirmation of the mission of CVV.

We are asked to open ourselves to these genuine encounters with others, no matter how wounded, dirty, or different they may seem. I hope to approach the marginalized people in this world with dignity and humility, free of the mindset that I'm the one who is needed and "helping". For when I crossed the road this past February with CVV, with no intention except to listen, to learn and to be present, I had the most real encounters possible. It is worth the discomfort and fear that comes from stepping through boundaries, perceptions, and divisions we have constructed in our minds and in our society, for through these authentic encounters, I believe true grace and transformation can be shared. Lynne, CVV alum

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