Colorado Healing Fund

Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

In response to the STEM School shooting, we are collecting public donations and coordinating with victim assistance organizations to meet immediate and long-term financial needs not met otherwise.

The Colorado Healing Fund serves a central point in Colorado for the collection of public donations that support victims of mass tragedy crime. The Fund will be used to meet financial, emotional, and physical needs of victims of mass tragedy crimes that occur in the state of Colorado, filling in the gaps of resources for the people and communities impacted.

In addition to providing a safe and central means of collecting monetary donations, the Colorado Healing Fund works in conjunction with community partners to coordinate the disbursement of donated funds to victims and to help cover costs of immediate response to the tragedy when local resources are overwhelmed.

Help us provide vital resources to crime victims in the aftermath of a mass tragedy. Together we can make a difference and build a stronger and more resilient community.
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Created November 16, 2018
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