Colorado Jobs With Justice Change Maker Drive

Colorado Jobs With Justice

Through their critical monthly donations, our Change Makers help ensure that we have the funds we need to keep the fight for social justice going strong year-round. Change Makers provide the backbone of our work, helping make sure we can continue to build a collective vision and effort for worker solidarity and economic prosperity for families across Colorado.

Help us reach our Change Maker Sustainer Drive goal of $7,200 per year in new and increased sustainer donations!

Join at one of our Change Maker Levels today and get one of these sweet party favors!
COMPAÑERX/COMRADE - $10/month: JWJ stickers and buttons
SUPPORTER - $15/month: JWJ Tshirt
ACCOMPLICE - $20/month: Receive 2 scrooge tickets for the price of 1
ADVOCATE - $25/month: Free scrooge ticket
ACTIVISTA/ACTIVIST - $50/month: Receive a free registration to the National JWJ training in Denver or a free Labor Liberation training for your organization or union

For more info on the awesome current programs and campaigns happening at CO JWJ, head over to our website:

Unfortunately, this site requires you to donate at least $10/month. If you want to donate $5/month, we suggest you sign up to instead donate $15/quarter. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please become a COJWJ Change Maker today!
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Created September 22, 2019
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