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Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

The land of the free and the home of the brave is at our best when we are a place of welcome, of opportunity, of liberty & justice for ALL people. That's the American Dream; I want that to be the Reality.

But that doesn't start "out there somewhere"...
We cannot sit idly by and wait for change to happen. It starts with me, and with you. We must be the change that we want to see in this world. It starts with our own individual dreams and efforts.

So between November 15--December 31, I'm trying to raise $4000 to support the work of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. CIRC has been the leader and advocate for passing some of the most important laws that are positively affecting our immigrant community. CIRC holds our legislatures and representatives accountable to their actions towards the immigrant community.

CIRC is active within our local communities. It's amazing to be a part of an organization where EVERY person, EVERY family, & EVERY ethnicity is important--regardless of immigration status.
That's how it should be. That's who America ought to be.

If you believe in this too, please join me!
Donate a dollar, $10, or $100 or become a monthly donor,
And then send me a note telling me why you gave!
Or start your own fundraiser for CIRC and get your community involved in this!
Let's make our vision spread out to the rest of the world. But the change starts with YOU.

I want to spend this holiday season celebrating the best of what humanity can be, & I want YOU to be a part of it.

Support the immigrant communities and keep families together!
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