Some nonprofits in our community
  • Full Circle Restorative Justice
    Full Circle Restorative Justice services prevent and intervene with youth and adults in order to enhance community relationships or repair harm after an offense has been committed.
  • Salida Concerts, Inc.
    Keep classical music in the Arkansas Valley by helping us bring world-renowned musicians to Salida.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteers
    We aim to serve the community to meet all of your transit needs in Chaffee County!
  • Historic St. Elmo and Chalk Creek Canyon, Inc.
    HSE & CCC is striving to protect, preserve and share the historic resources of Chalk Creek Canyon, many of which are 140 years old, but we need your help. Your donations, interest and volunteerism can help save this nationally recognized ghost town and mining district for future generations.

Invest in Community

Philanthropy is an investment in what we care about - it is an investment in community. By giving back, you are strengthening Chaffee County for all residents.

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