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Bikes Together

The staff and volunteers at Bikes Together are committed to creating a more vibrant and equitable Denver. A longstanding member of the community, Bikes Together has shown for over a decade how access to bicycles and practical know-how about how to fix them can improve people from all walks of life's access to work, education, and fitness. By working with used and refurbished components, Bikes Together maintains affordability while reducing environmental impact. 

The work that Bikes Together does is highly interactive and relies on peers educating and helping one-another. With limitations imposed by the COVID-19 virus and the necessary policy responses, Bikes Together has been forced to shift and reduce programs dramatically. While we are doing everything that we can to make our organization more lean in this extraordinary time, we must also ask for help. 

Your support today will make a real difference for Bikes Together's ability to continue providing programs and services to the Denver community in the months and even years ahead. Any donation helps. Just $25 can provide many of the parts needed to refurbish a bike, $50 can support a full hour of fix-your-bike programming, and $500 can provide a full scholarship for our multi-week Bike Camp program. 

Thanks for being a part of our community as we navigate this together.

Please help us out during this time of need to keep us rolling and working in our community.
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