The Becky Baker Foundation

One-in-seven women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. We provide free breast cancer screenings to any woman or man who cannot afford the screening. The best way to beat breast cancer is to prevent breast cancer. We have provided over 3,000 screenings in three years.

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The Becky Baker Foundation​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

We believe that the best way to beat breast cancer is by preventing breast cancer. The most effective means to this end is with annual breast cancer screenings. We provide $200 grants to any women - or man - in the U.S. who cannot afford the thermogram or mammogram. Our grant pays for the test in full. So far, we have provided over 3,000 grants since our inception in May of 2017.

Our main source of fundraising is the golf industry. We hold "Bucket-List" tournaments annually throughout the nation. Our Founder and Executive Director has a history of playing the senior mini-tours and our BBF Ambassador is Two-Time World Long Drive Champion, Jeff Crittenden. Seemore Putting Company is our Putter partner and KRANK Golf, home to most World Long Driver competitors, custom makes drivers just for the BBF.

After we provide a screening, we want to educate every woman and man in America about the importance of preventing breast cancer in their bodies. Our foot-in-the-door is our free screening offer. This is the first step for many, and once they actually move forward with their checkup, we offer them the continuing education they need to take care of their body and most likely avoid breast cancer in the future. We also offer continuing education for the male loved-ones of all women. We have learned that most men do not have a working understanding of breast cancer and how this evil disease infects so many women. Our Executive Director's latest book, "The Guy's Guide to Everything Breast Cancer" addresses this very subject. The book is available on Amazon HERE.

Organization History

Becky Baker was diagnosed with stage IV, metastatic breast cancer and given three months to live on December 17, 2013. She refused the doctor's death sentence and embarked on a journey to beat this evil disease. Becky created LAFF2LIVE, an acronym for Lifestyle, Attitude, Food and Faith. She committed her being to living out these four principles and lived four years beyond what any doctor thought was possible. She passed away on Easter Sunday morning, 2017.

One of the last things Becky told her husband was, "I am just sorry that no one will ever remember my name. Her husband promised that "no one will ever forget your name," and launched The Becky Baker Foundation in May of 2017.

Her husband began giving away mammograms to any woman who could not afford the screening. He traveled the country publicizing his mission and soon requests starting coming in. Since May of 2017, The Becky Baker Foundation has given away over 3,000 mammograms to underinsured or uninsured women, and some men. The Foundation was granted 501(C)(3) IRS non-profit charity status on December 19, 2019.


I was having my coffee at my usual deli in Hollywood and reading the LA Times, when I came across a full-page Becky Baker Foundation ad encouraging readers to schedule their mammogram. There was something about that ad and Becky's Story that stuck a nerve.

I had never had a mammogram. I was in perfect health, worked out five days a week. No one in my family tree had ever had breast cancer. I was one of the highest paid actresses in the world and could not get sick. Still, the ad spoke and a small unassuming voice said, "get your mammogram." I took the ad, folded it up and put it in my purse. I was off to Africa to another movie shoot in a few days, but the voice intensified.

Finally, I relented and scheduled my mammogram. I was told that "something was wrong" and they scheduled more tests. Long story short, the doctors told me that had I gone to Africa for my four-month shoot, I most likely would have died. Thank you Becky for saving my life. Becky and her husband know who I am, and for obvious professional reasons I cannot post my name here. (Anonymous actress)

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