Boulder County AIDS Project

People living with or at risk of acquiring HIV and hepatitis C depend on BCAP to access health care, risk and harm reduction counseling, basic needs, and more. Your contribution is critical to support reduced viral transmission in the community and to helping residents live their healthiest lives.

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Boulder County Aids Project​​​​​​​
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2118 14th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
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515 Kimbark
Suite 100
Longmont, CO 80501
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Mission Statement

The Mission of Boulder County AIDS Project is to provide support, advocacy, and education to those in our community who are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, and to serve as an outreach and information center to prevent the further transmission of HIV.

Organization History

Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP) began operations in 1985 with two volunteers assisting 49 persons living with HIV. From 1989 to 1991, BCAP secured a volunteer Executive Director, hired paid staff, found a permanent home, and began providing HIV-focused case management and prevention. Currently, BCAP is 1 of 2 lead AIDS Service Organizations in the state, has offices in Boulder and Longmont, and employs 290 active volunteers and 14 full-time staff - 7 HIV Care Services, 3 Prevention Services, 2 Development, and 2 Administration. In 2018, Prevention Services reached ~12,000 people with programming aimed preventing transmission of HIV and hepatitis C, and HIV Care Services supported the wellbeing of 274 of ~587 persons living with HIV in BCAP's 4-county service area. [1]

[1] CDPHE, "New HIV Diagnoses & People Living with HIV (PLHIV), Colorado and BCAP Service Area, 2018", Q1 2019, 5/13/19



"BCAP staff are truly remarkable individuals with passion for a cause not often displayed elsewhere."

"Thank you, BCAP, for all you do. I am humbly grateful to be a volunteer."


"I moved to Boulder from abroad to attend graduate school. I had been here for six months when I found out I was HIV positive. I didn't know many people or have a support system that could help me understand and cope with my new status. BCAP provided me with the support that I needed and more. BCAP helped me meet my medical and basic needs and provided a community of support. I am grateful."

"I use an outdated oxygen saturation machine to help me breath at night while sleeping. I have to use an old, inefficient window air conditioner five months out of the year to compensate for the residual heat this machine produces. My electric bill is typically about $50 more during these months, sometimes doubling in Fall and Spring. My Case Manager recognized that my utilities were becoming financially burdensome. I've been able to catch up on some bills and put more money towards my oral healthcare needs. I also have more money at the end of the month to buy food, and am relying less on BCAP's Food Pantry. BCAP staff let me know there's always an answer. All I have to do is ask."


"As a newly out young, gay man I had a lot to learn about my life, my health and my happiness when it came to my sexuality. Atlas was there for me, not just to give me information, but to give me healthy role models, networking opportunities and friends. I don't know exactly where my life would be without Atlas."

"I came to BCAP because I was in love with an HIV positive man. I am HIV negative and I didn't see how we could have a relationship, but I really wanted to try. I owe my 8 year relationship to the people at BCAP who took the time to answer my questions. I am still HIV negative today."

"I was scared when I woke up and wondered if I had been exposed to HIV. I called [BCAP Prevention Staff] and [BCAP] was there to support and guide me through the process of accessing PEP [post-exposure prophylaxis], which helped me stay HIV negative."


"Thank you for teaching us how to prevent HIV!"

About a Positive Perspectives Speaker - "So much of our education is learning from a book or powerpoint … Your courage in facing HIV and being willing to talk about it to a crowd is inspiring."

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