A Precious Child, Inc.

Help us empower more children to succeed and achieve their full potential. Your donations will go straight to the kids who need your help the most!

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A Precious Child Inc​​​​​​​
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7051 W. 118th Ave.
Broomfield, CO 80020
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303-466-4272 x135
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Mission Statement

A Precious Child provides Colorado children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential.

Organization History

A Precious Child provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential academically and socially. We envision a future where every child grows up to be a secure, self-reliant, contributing member of their community. Founded by Carina Martin in 2008 out of her garage, A Precious Child served 84 families in its initial year. In 2020, A Precious Child served 57,390 children in need and 20,047 adults across the Denver Metro area. We serve children challenged by poverty, abuse, neglect or crisis situations across 8 Denver Metro counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson and Weld.
A Precious Child provides basic essentials such as food, clothes, toiletries, school supplies, educational opportunities and access to extracurricular activities.

At A Precious Child, collaborative action is one primary factor that contributes to our successful impact and our ability to help thousands of vulnerable children. We rely on the generosity of our community to support our programs by donating their funds, time, and in-kind goods. The role of our 546 Agency Partners is to identify and refer to us the children and families with the greatest need. Our Agency Partners include: schools, health and human services, churches, hospitals, safe houses, fire and police departments, at-risk youth centers, homeless shelters, mental health and foster care organizations. Thanks to our community, A Precious Child is able to create opportunities for children to feel empowered, confident and to reach their full academic potential.


-Cheryl and her husband already had full custody of three grandchildren since they were babies. Right before the pandemic, they soon found themselves taking in four more grandchildren. Having to cash in their 401k to purchase a home for their growing family made it easier to live off the one income but with four more mouths to feed, Cheryl and her husband found themselves in a very vulnerable position. "You've got to be able to provide for children if you're gonna take 'em. Your love just isn't enough," she said. "We were sent to A Precious Child and remember, this was a pandemic. We can't just go out and get everything. It was the worst possible time...Ended up being the best...It's like going into a department store and shopping. They [the kids] went into school, looking nice and the kids acted like they looked: they felt good about themselves and they carried themselves better...It was so touching. And I know in that minute without the help I wouldn't have been able to do that...I wouldn't have been able to give them that. I am so grateful that there are donors who do this for A Precious Child-there are people that care about helping the rest of us."

-After falling unexpectedly ill and finding herself in and out of the hospital, Kandace lost her job on account of her employer not wanting to put her on longterm disability. Like a snowball affect, once she lost her job, she lost her house and Kandace along with her young daughter, found themselves homeless; sleeping in their car and even camping out, cooking meals outdoors and staving off the stormy weather that would flood their tent. "It was the hardest thing ever," Kandace explained. "As a mom you always want what's best for your kid and knowing I couldn't provide that-it was just heartbreaking just watching her having to sleep in the backseat of a car...it wasn't ok. And everywhere I turned, nobody really cared or helped at the time until we got blankets and from here, at A Precious Child nobody judges you. They're always here to help. They told me you get to shop for yourself and pick out for your daughter what you need...When you're able to go in and dress nice and feel nice about yourself, it helps you build the confidence that you're lacking." Kandace has since found employment and after living in a hotel for over a year and a half, they were able to put down a deposit on a new apartment. "Getting back on your feet after losing everything is one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life...but we're doing it! We're super excited about the future."

-When Jasmin got unexpectedly laid off from work due to Covid-19, the first thought that went through her head was, "How am I going to feed my kids?" With a 4-month-old and no diapers or formula, it sent Jasmin into a state of panic. "It made me sad. It made me think, oh my god I can't afford this." Then Precious Essentials stepped in to help. "It changed everything. I was able to get my kids dressed, some diapers, some baby food...everything my kids needed...When we were able to get our essentials from here, we had extra money for food...for any bills that we have. I mean, it's just a really big help."

-Lamesia, a single mother of four and a domestic abuse survivor, knew that the safety of her children was her first priority-even if that meant leaving her in a state of destitution. Living in and out of shelters with no stable housing created a sense of shame for her children. "That's been the hardest thing...is watching my kids be embarrassed." Unfortunately, stories like Lamesia's are not that uncommon for the families that we serve. Many unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances can find a family or parent suddenly stripped from their homes. When Lamesia was able to secure affordable housing, the family did not have the funds to purchase furniture that they desperately needed. Finding themselves sleeping on the floor or sharing one bed among the family members,
A Precious Child was able to step in to work with donors on providing everything from new beds and bedding to a dining room table and basic essentials, helping them finally feel like a family in their new home. "When you don't know how your gonna get things together or how things are gonna work out...like, it just showed up...and I'm grateful...I'm grateful that you all are here. I'm grateful that you all are helping me..."

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