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The mission of the Alzheimer's Association is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Our vision is a world without Alzheimer's disease.

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Organizational Overview

Alzheimer's Association
455 Sherman St
Denver, CO 80203
The mission of the Alzheimer's Association is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Our vision is a world without Alzheimer's disease.

The Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's® is the world's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's care, support and research. Together, we can end Alzheimer's disease, the nation's sixth-leading cause of death.

The 2016 Denver Walk to End Alzheimer's is currently the #1 walk in the country for financial contributions. More than 10,000 Walkers raised over one million dollars in 2015 to support the more than 62,000 Coloradans living with Alzheimer's disease.

The Colorado Chapter is #1 in the nation for number of people served through education classes and for number of early stage Alzheimer's people served, We are #2 in the nation for overall individuals served, #3 for Helpline and care consultation contacts and #5 for support group contacts.

The Alzheimer's Association of Colorado is now a proud Denver Broncos Community Partner. Learn more at

Impact Statement

Today, 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease, including an estimated 200,000 under the age of 65 with Younger Onset Alzheimer's. Nearly two-thirds, 3.3 million, are women. By 2050 it is anticipated that up to 16 million Americans will be living with Alzheimer's. In 2025, more than 92,000 individuals in Colorado will have this disease.

In addressing these staggering facts about the future of Alzheimer's disease, six core services are in place at the Colorado Chapter to meet the varying needs of those with the disease, their families and caregivers.

-24-Hour Helpline - Available toll-free anytime day or night, the 24-Hour Helpline provides reliable information and support to people with Alzheimer's disease, caregivers, health professionals and the public. Care consultation is confidential and assists with decision-making support, crisis assistance, referrals and education on the issues families face every day.

-Caregiver Education - Caregivers receive education and caregiver skill building through various programs on disease management, progressive care needs and the development of self-care strategies for the caregiver. Education opportunities provide strategic caregiver training in critical aspects of dementia care from the early to end stage.

-Support Groups - Currently, there are more than 80 support groups statewide that directly assist those with Alzheimer's disease and spouses, families and friends who care for someone with memory loss.

-Care Consultation - Care consultation provides one-on-one or group support, solution-focused care planning, and referrals for caregivers and family members who are overwhelmed, confused about disease symptoms, and experiencing specific challenges and complicated family problems.

-Early Stage Engagement - This program provides activities designed for people in the early stage of Alzheimer's or other dementia that help them stay active and engaged in the community; make meaningful contributions and/or remain socially active; connect with like individuals in their own community who are going through similar experiences and build a social network; and promote social interaction and companionship.

-Medic Alert/Safe Return - With more than 60% of individual's with Alzheimer's prone to wandering, Medic Alert/Safe Return is a nationwide identification and support program that provides assistance when a person with dementia becomes lost.

Other notable programs offered by the Colorado Chapter include:

-Leaders in Dementia Care - This program provides healthcare professional training and publicly recognizes any organization that provides a minimum of 8 hours of annual dementia training to at least 75% of its staff.

Memories In The Making (MIM) - With the assistance of trained volunteer facilitators, this guided art program allows individuals with Alzheimer's to express their thoughts and memories through art since they are often able to paint memories and emotions that they can no say in words.

Approaching Alzheimer's- Training for Law Enforcement and First Responders - This is a free training for any first responder that allows them more effectively and efficiently answer common calls involving a person with dementia.

Background Statement

Thirty-five years ago, Alzheimer's disease and its extent were little known, diagnosis was rare and required excluding all other possibilities, and no treatments or services were available. Families and caregivers were on their own to navigate through this difficult disease until a small group of volunteers began reaching out to families in metro Denver affected by Alzheimer's. In 1982, the Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter officially was incorporated and today serves each of the 64 counties in Colorado through eight offices in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Pueblo, Durango and Grand Junction.

Executive Director Statement

As we know, Americans today are living longer than ever - and advancing age is the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

For 35 years, the Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter has been leading the local fight against Alzheimer's through programs and services that today address the needs of over 60,000 families in the Centennial state, while advancing our national research effort to eliminate the disease.

Presently, we are in the midst of a three-year strategic plan of aggressive and ambitious objectives to increase concern and awareness of Alzheimer's, advance public policy, enhance care and support, accelerate research, and grow revenue in support of our mission. The key outcomes that we have accomplished this year speak to an enduring commitment to this effort by our staff, board of directors and volunteers here in Colorado, all of whom are working in collaboration with one another and with our national office to achieve these goals.

This year, we learned of promising results from a wide range of studies, including treatment-related findings, advances in early detection and the identification of new risk factors. Continued financial support for this work and for the expansion of our local care and educational services will be required to meet the growing need for dementia care in the years ahead.

Linda Mitchell, President & CEO, Colorado Chapter

Board Chair/President Statement

The Alzheimer's Association Colorado Chapter enters its fourth decade of operations as one of the nation's most established navigators of care support and educational services to individuals living with Alzheimer's, their families and caregivers. The Board of Directors of the Colorado Chapter is both proud and appreciative of the unrelenting commitment demonstrated each day by staff and volunteers throughout the state to the fulfillment of our mission and achievement of our objectives.

Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States and the 5th leading cause of death for those 65 and older. An estimated 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease-and that number is expected to skyrocket to 16 million by mid century. This increase will provide unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the Association and its Colorado Chapter over the coming years.

The Board of Directors is grateful for the generous support of our donors, corporations and foundations in Colorado, who have made this disease, its treatment and eventual eradication a priority in their philanthropic giving. With every contribution, we are one step closer to the achievement of our vision - a world without Alzheimer's.

-Tom Hurley, Chairman, Board of Directors, Colorado Chapter

Needs Statement

The Association needs continued financial support to provide the following programs and services across the state of Colorado:

-Information and referrals to Chapter programs and community services through the 24-Hour Helpline, Chapter website and enewsletter.

-On-going education, counsel and support to family caregivers through Chapter services and support groups statewide.

-Awareness for the importance of early diagnosis and support available to families living with dementia.

-Programs and services to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness.

"Our mom is struggling with Alzheimer's disease. The first meeting we had with a counselor from the Association was invaluable to us. Her knowledgeable, compassionate and competent voice of hope allowed me and my sister to leave the meeting not just armed with strategic information and a game plan, but also with a sense of renewed hope, even a slight incredulity that such an organization actually exists. To move so rapidly from ignorance and fear to renewed hope and strengthened purpose in the task ahead brought a sense of palpable relief to both of us." ~ Anonymous Caregiver
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