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We are dedicated to educating families concerning the danger of child abduction and provide bloodhound search dogs to law enforcement to locate missing and abducted children.

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ALIE Foundation Inc​​​​​​​
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Abducted Lost Innocent Enough
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Our mission is to educate families concerning the
dangers of child abduction and provide bloodhound dogs to
Police K-9 Units to locate missing abducted children.

Thanks to our supporters that continues to donate to ALIE Foundation, Inc. every year. Your support makes a difference for us to do justice to our mission. Your support is appreciated, God bless you for donating to ALIE Foundation, Inc.. Thank you!

Organization History

We have been in service since 1993 which was the year we incorporated the Foundation as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Much of our work has been with the public schools in the general Denver area and nearby counties. Our focus is on stranger awareness safety issues. We communicate our deepest concern for children to families and parents and have been a positive influence in their lives. Most important, is our background in assisting law enforcement throughout the country and their communities to create a strong bond between them for the safety of the children in their area.


The school has over 900 students and resorted to a year-round track system. The school is great, but had one major flaw in my eyes. When I would drop off my kids, they would line up in the back of the school and await their teachers to come retrieve them and march them to their classes. However, often, the teachers would not come out or show up until the very last minute. I would always stay around because it was prime breeding ground for some psycho to kidnap a child and no one would even know. I self-assigned myself to being the "watcher on the wall," protecting the children. Memories of Alie and your dear family's horrific experience made me very aware and attentive to these kids.

One day, my youngest son's teacher never came out to get them, and about 25 first graders were left outside waiting for her. Fortunately, another mother and I remained there, but had we left like the other parents, our children would have been left unattended behind the school. Needless to say, this completely freaked me out and the other parent and I took the kids into the classroom ourselves.

Come to find out, his teacher had a conference that morning and had asked another teacher to bring her students in and apparently there was a miscommunication, which could have put our kids at great risk.

Of course, after my child was safe, I marched myself to the principal's office, where I shared Alie's story and how I never want to see another family go through the horrors your family has gone through. With tears in his eyes, he was horrified and assured me he would take care of the situation.

As a result, he met with his entire staff and PTA, and put in place a safety program where not only is every teacher outside in advance to the children's arrival, they also have over 12 PTA members who serve as school crossing guards (which they didn't have before) who are also assigned with monitoring any suspicious activity, and they have the principal or assistant principal walking the grounds constantly before and after school with radios. Plus, they put additional staff members (like the PE and science teachers) around the perimeter to monitor the kids and keep them safe.

So, I wanted to encourage you because (with tears in my eyes as I even type this), Alie's story is saving not only my kids but over 900 other students and their families from this ever happening to them (at least on school grounds). Last year, it was highly probable that the school could have had missing children. This year, that risk is almost impossible due to the changes they implemented as a result of Alie's story.

I hope this encourages you to know that in Alie's memory, other children's lives are being saved in advance. I think of her every time I drop my kids off at school now, knowing that she is the reason our school is now safe. I always whisper "it's because of you Alie,"
So please tell Alie's mom that Alie is still making a difference after all these years, and although I would rather she be here with her, Alie's life in heaven is making a gigantic impact here on earth.

Bless you all. I just had to share to encourage you and let you know I still think of you and Alie always. Lots of love!!! Give Alie's mom a big hug and kiss for me. I miss her.

Leo Pacheco,
Date: May 18, 2015
Time: 11:05 AM

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