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We are dedicated to educating families concerning the danger of child abduction and provide bloodhound search dogs to law enforcement to locate missing and abducted children.

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ALIE Foundation Inc​​​​​​​
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Abducted Lost Innocent Enough
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5800 Tower Rd #104
Denver, CO 80249
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate families concerning the
dangers of child abduction and provide bloodhound dogs to
Police K-9 Units to locate missing abducted children.

Thanks to our supporters that continues to donate to ALIE Foundation, Inc. every year. Your support makes a difference for us to do justice to our mission. Your support is appreciated, God bless you for donating to ALIE Foundation, Inc.. Thank you!

Organization History

We have been in service since 1993 which was the year we incorporated the Foundation as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Much of our work has been with the public schools in the general Denver area and nearby counties. Our focus is on stranger awareness safety issues. We communicate our deepest concern for children to families and parents and have been a positive influence in their lives. Most important, is our background in assisting law enforcement throughout the country and their communities to create a strong bond between them for the safety of the children in their area.


The Search For Aleszandra Ariel Berrelez

I am raising money to continue providing ALIE Bloodhounds to Police K-9 Units. You can help us raise money to continue providing ALIE Bloodhounds to Police K-9 Units. My wife and I started donating bloodhounds to police canine units in 1993.

We had never seen live bloodhound in our life. The first working police bloodhound we saw for the first time was named Yogi from Aurora, Colorado Police. We saw Yogi trailing and sniffing the sidewalk just in front of us while we were standing on a second floor balcony of Alie's home. We knew whose scent Yogi was trailing. It was the scent of our only granddaughter, 5 year old Alie.

The search continued for 4 days to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Alie had been taken from her home by a stranger. She had been put in a car and driven away for 14 miles. She was not found alive. We met Yogi several weeks after the search.

Yogi trailed back to Alie's house following a different scent belonging to the person that threw a duffel bag into a creek with Alie's little body inside the bag. It would take several months before the scent from the bag would be connected through DNA testing to the man that abducted Alie.

A few weeks after Alie's abduction and murder during one of our quiet moments my wife Lety said, "Richard buy a bloodhound and offer the hound to a police canine unit that can train it and use it to find missing children." To this day we are still buying and accepting bloodhounds from breeders to place them in Police K-9 Units.

Alie is still in our hearts and our mind and we will never forget Alie. God willing, we will see Little Alie again. Until then we will continue living, working, and giving bloodhounds to police officers in every state in America in Alie's memory.
Please make your donation in any amount to help us provide many more bloodhounds to police canine units. Your gift is tax-deductible. Thank you for your sincere help and support. Enjoy your beautiful children every day.

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