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ACT on Drugs provides drug education focused on students, school staff, parents, and professional organizations in Colorado, in the hopes of helping youth find the strength to make healthy choices and know they are important, loved, and certainly not alone. Please join with us as an impact partner.

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ACT On Drugs Inc​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

ACT on Drugs is a non-profit organization that provides interactive, scientific based, quality training to youth, schools, parents, community organizations, and coalitions about the facts and consequences surrounding drug use. We prepare youth to become confident decision makers and responsible citizens, and strengthens efforts to support a safe, healthy, drug-free community.

Organization History

ACT on Drugs was started in 2007 by Lynn Riemer, the President of the organization, to educate youth, parents, and professionals about addictive and psychoactive substances both legal and illegal, which are available in communities. Since it began providing training 12 years ago, ACT on Drugs has successfully trained over 175,000 students and adults.

ACT on Drugs trains all sectors of the community with a focus on youth. Our goals are to:

• Educate youth about the science of drug addiction
• Help teens understand the facts and evaluate the risks associated with drugs
• Encourage teens to take responsibility for consequences that come with making decisions
• Raise awareness, educate, and encourage new behaviors, resulting in active and healthy lifestyles
• Create long term change in attitude and behaviors
• Educate adults to become the first line of defense to combating drug use


"Thank you very much for coming to our class to tell us about drugs. You taught me a lot about drugs. I used to smoke a lot of marijuana and after your talk, I never want to touch it again. I thank you a lot because I needed confidence from someone to get on track to a better road. I will remember you for a long time. You are amazing and keep up the good work. Try to get drugs out of schools so my little brother and sister will be safe next year. Thank you!"
High School Student from Thornton, CO

"To be completely honest, I wasn't looking forward to seeing you, but when I came in and saw all the facts and information, it stunned me! I used to smoke weed all the time before your presentation and you are the one who helped me get the courage to stop! I'm a really good football player and knowing that I could mess up my whole life by just getting caught, really knocked the sense into me. So I really want to thank you and tell you what an impact just a presentation has on kids! So keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to a great sober life!"
High School Student from Erie, CO

"I want to let you know that the drug prevention program was the best drug awareness assembly I have ever attended. This program impacted me by showing the effects of all drugs. Since this program I am talking to my friends more of the importance of not doing drugs. I believe drug prevention is necessary so you never get addicted in the first place. All of my friends now are making better decisions since the program. So I just wanted to say it was very helpful and Thank You." Middle School Student, Garfield County

"Your time here really helped educate me more about drugs. I have always thought that I would go down that path, and now I know for sure that I won't. Bringing in Nathan and Heather also really helped. It made drugs seem so much more real. Anymore kids my age don't take the risks seriously. I know this personally. My boyfriend's brother passed away last year from a drug overdose. I hope people learn from more from you so we can prevent the deaths of teens. Thank you!"
High School Student from Broomfield

"During the past three years that ACT on Drugs has presented to Eagle County teens, we have recognized a 10% reduction in current alcohol consumption among high school students as measured through the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. Additionally, binge drinking rates have reduced by 8% among Eagle County high school students."
Michelle Stecher, Executive Director of the Eagle County Youth Coalition

"The training provided by ACT on Drugs left a mark across Garfield County... it gave us all the tools to make better choices, understand better those caught-up in addition, protect ourselves while responding to incidents involving drugs and provided factual information to educate our youth. The positive comments by the public, school staff and students have not stopped, the drug training made a definite impact on our communities."
Lou Vallario, Garfield County Sheriff

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