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Yampa River Botanic Park
by Yampa Valley Community Foundation
Fundraiser launched on October 30, 2015 by Yampa River Botanic Park
The Yampa River Botanic Park is one of the jewels of Northwest Colorado and one of only a handful of botanic gardens in the state. Located in Steamboat Springs, the Yampa River Botanic Park was created in 1995, transforming a flat horse pasture to a six-acre gem of ponds, berms, and over 63 gardens. The Botanic Park is proud to be a highly enjoyed and affordable activity for residents and visitors in Steamboat Springs (it is rated in Trip Advisor as the number one free activity in Steamboat Springs).

The mission of the Botanic Park is to be "a place of serenity, celebrating the trees, shrubs, plants, and birds of the Yampa River Basin." It is a place to enjoy the flowers and trees, a place to revel in nature, and a hideaway from the stress of modern life. The Botanic Park sits at 6,800 feet above sea level, but by using designed microclimates it supports both alpine plants and desert plants that are found in the Yampa Valley. Visitors enjoy walking around the Park and learning about plants that are adaptive to the challenging growing environment. Residents are inspired with ideas to incorporate design and plant selections into their own home landscapes. Children explore the Park chasing butterflies and learning with the free Children's Activity Books provided by the Park.

The Botanic Park sits on land donated to the City of Steamboat Springs by the founders. The Botanic Park is maintained and governed by an Association. The organization receives no tax dollars and is supported by the generosity of members, donors, and private foundations. The Botanic Park does not charge admission and is open to the public daily welcoming approximately 35,000 visitors between May and October.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and helps to keep the Park growing!!
Your help makes a real difference
Your support allows us to grow our gardens and keep the Park open and free for all to enjoy.
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