Founded in Golden by two female Colorado natives. YES! helps teens in Haiti transition out of the orphanage system. YES! teaches them practical life skills, how to manage their finances, complete their education, apply to Universities, learn a trade and take on a meaningful roll in their community.

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Mission Statement

YES! mission is to encourage and empower young adults as they transition out of orphanages in Haiti and into adulthood. We teach them practical adult life skills. We help them manage their finances, complete their educations, apply to universities, learn a trade and take on a meaningful roll in their community. And we encourage them to become leaders and good Haitian citizens.

Organization History

YES! was started in September 2015 to help with one of the unmet needs in Haiti, helping teens transitioning out of the Haitian orphanage systems and back into their culture. Supporting the teens for us means providing them with school, love, support and avenues to discover their calling. It has successful helped to transition teens in Haiti from leaving an orphanage to be successful independent individuals in their country. The organization has also created a mentorship program that is successfully teaching life-skills to other teens in orphanages to prepare them for the transition.


I want to thank you all for allowing me to participate with YES! in Haiti. It was an amazing and heartwarming experience to add to my life. It was awesome to see all of the differences that have been made possible for the YES! young adults over the years. The relationships that I developed with the YES! Staff and participants, I will always treasure them. Beth and Pierre were phenomenal leaders, it was inspiring to see how much love they have for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I was moved by YES! It has given hope to many, though there is still so much more to do and the need for this area of work is so great. I know YES! will continue to help these communities and young adults prosper. Overall, I had a fantastic time from seeing the smiles come onto their faces and singing with Dieumercy.
I am a strong supporter of what YES! is doing. I trust in their work, and I believe that God has placed YES! in this city to make a difference. And I know without the good work and all your support, YES! could not be doing this work. I was amazed to witness all these developments and all I can say is Thank You. I am taking the opportunity to thank each and every one of the members of YES! on behalf of the population of PAP and the YES! young adults and VBS students you've helped.
I personally feel like I encountered the blessings of God every day through the young adults of YES! and the people that contribute to the mission. I am personally grateful for everything you and your mission are doing to enhance the quality of life in Haiti. YES! should be really honored by what they've done now for the people that are there, but also for the YES! graduates and what they will be able to do when they go in their own communities. As a humanitarian, seeing how YES! is working and contributing to the Haitian people has caused me to want to share more. I truly testify that participating in the organization of YES!, is truly rewarding and amazing. It is the first time I have seen this type of result from any organization working in Haiti.
Sarah Hart; Parker, Colorado

I have witnessed the YES! Organization's impact from a very close standpoint since the beginning of the year 2018. My name is Roxanne Tessier, and I am a French Canadian who has had the privilege of living beside the YES! house for about a year during my time in Haiti. My family and I became close friends with Beth Hovel and with the boys living beside us. I have been touched greatly by the organization in my personal life and have been moved tremendously by the influence they have on the Haitian community.
During the time I lived beside them, I saw fist hand how YES! distinguishes itself from many other organizations, because of their commitment, their love, and the values they transmit to the many vulnerable children in Haiti.
While in Haiti, I was impressed to see how some of the YES! members had fully integrated themselves to the country's lifestyle for the purpose of the ministry. I saw how this allowed them to be in touch with the teenagers' reality and allowed them to mentor the teenagers in the very precise way they needed. In Haiti, life is so different than in America, therefore, I realised how being integrated in the Haitian lifestyle offered intelligent perspectives on how to serve the teenagers and lead them into a good life.
By spending lots of time with them, I witnessed the level of love and caring that was being poured into the teenagers' lives trough many small and big actions. They were mentored and taught how to do chores and budgets. They did fun activities, had devotions, and were taught about so many things. Beth was acting as the parental role model they had not received during their normal orphanage time. The level of personal attention they were receiving was, in my opinion, the most tremendous demonstration of love. I know how the teenage years are a critical period of life. Therefore, I was always very moved to see how much time was invested into the lives of these young people. I witness so many times how they received guidance and open ears in times of need. I witnessed so often how Beth, or the other mentors, would pray and seek the Holy Spirit on how to better help each of the teens. Truly, I saw how this organisation put love above anything else, just has Jesus instructs us to do.
I saw how the YES! children were guided to become self-sufficient and to render back into society what they had received. They were being taught how to find work, how to work with integrity and how to live ethically among their peers. I still remember one of the teenager's face when he announced he had got the job we had prayed for him! He was so proud! The boys of YES! were taught to trust God, to seek His will and to also work actively themselves in the achievement of their own success. To me, these are all essential teachings for the health of their community, and it is what compels me to trust and admire YES! so much.
Since I came back to Canada, I have decided to support the YES! organisation as much as I can. I believe they are a crucial organisation for accomplishing the will of God into children's' lives. They must be encouraged to thrive, as they help to shape tomorrow's leaders and, mostly, as they teach some of the mentored kids how to mentor the next generation. By coming out of orphanages, those children were among the most at risk to commit crimes and live a deceitful life. However, the teenagers that I met were role models to the children around them (including my own children). They were helpful, disciplined, and they had so much love for God and loved to worship Him. The YES! organization plants the Lord's seeds into those teenagers lives and, to me, this is what makes it so valuable. Wishing you all the Lord's blessings,
Roxanne Tessier; Gatineau Quebec, Canada

I have watched YES! love, encourage and support these young adults for three years. I have personally known these teens since they were small children and have watched them grow in independence, intelligence and love for other people and the Lord. I have celebrated milestones with them as they graduated from High School, received trade school certificates and served their fellow Haitians. YES! and their President have invested their heart and energy into serving these young people with a deep desire for them to succeed in a country where it seems everything is stacked against them. I am hopeful for these young adults future. YES! continues to give these teenagers every possible avenue for success while teaching them that they hold the keys to their future.
Importantly, as these young adults mature they are given more responsibility within this organization. YES! believes the country must change from within. These youth know more about their culture than any foreign country and YES! is hanging their hat on the belief these young adults have the power to change a nation. With that, the YES! teens lead the charge in the growing mentorship program YES! has put into place by teaching children in other orphanages what they learned while they were finding their way into young adulthood. I see hope, love and a future of possibilities through the investment YES! is making into the next adult generation in Haiti.
Dan Jensen; Omaha, NE

This Spring I had the privilege of spending about a week in Port Au Prince, Haiti with the YES! organization getting to see first-hand what it is that YES! does there as well as getting to know the YES! teens. It quickly became apparent that these teens would all be uneducated and living on the street if it weren't for the love and help of Beth and the entire YES! team from Colorado. These young adults are being given the opportunity to learn responsibility, live in a safe environment, and get a quality education (which is not available to most Haitians). After I returned from Haiti, my wife asked me quite a few questions about my trip and the most correct statement that came to my mind was "When you go to another country and see how little they have and yet how much is done. Then you come back to the US and see how much we have and how little is done." YES! recognizes what these teens have which is real joy and contentment! They just need every possible opportunity to spread what they have. The teens have taught me so much more than I ever imagined they would. Their daily lives are witness to what really matters.
Jeremy Woodhouse; Haxtun, CO

YES! has helped to reach and change lives not only in Haiti, but in Colorado as well. Bringing people together to help those in need has no greater priority than within this organization. Having spent time in Haiti and observing first hand, I can personally attest to the impact they are having in a very tough area.
I never thought I would ever go on a mission trip out of the country, but the passion and dedication YES! has shown to making a difference in a very difficult country is contagious to everyone that is lucky enough to be a part of it. This is the example of what a people first organization looks like.
TJ Hovel; Denver, CO

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