Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is "Saving Precious Lives" of abandoned, abused, neglected, displaced and surrendered cats and kittens. We help match rescued cats and kittens to loving owners, one at a time, and change both lives forever! We are bringing hearts together, it's exciting!

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P.O. Box 88252
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
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(719) 900-CATS
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(719) 213-1127
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Mission Statement

The mission of Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is to save the precious lives of cats and kittens who are abandoned, abused, neglected, displaced or surrendered, and to find them permanent homes or provide lifetime sanctuary. We are committed to preventing/ eliminating euthanasia of treatable and savable animals, so we will only use euthanasia as a last resort for animals suffering severe injuries or illnesses that are causing extreme discomfort and poor quality of life for the animal.

Organization History

Since its launch in 2010, Wild Blue has saved the lives of more than 2600 animals with adoptions spreading to as far away as North Carolina. Wild Blue also has an active foster program with more than 100 animals currently being served.

Our philosophies are --

No Kill
We are committed to preventing/eliminating euthanasia of treatable and savable animals, so we will only use euthanasia as a last resort for animals suffering severe injuries or illnesses that are causing extreme discomfort and poor quality of life for the animal. We hope to share our No Kill philosophy and efforts throughout our region in an attempt to build a more harmonious and healthy relationship between the people and animals of Colorado.

Natural Approach
Wild Blue uses a natural approach to our interaction with animals; we believe in working to communicate with our animals in a way that is natural to the animals. In essence, we try to learn their language, rather than only expecting them to learn ours.

Animal-Human Connection
At Wild Blue, we believe in developing respect, compassion and leadership in people though caring for God's creatures. Our volunteer program is based on this tenet. We also hope to lead the animals that come to us through respect and compassion, and then facilitate the help they can give back to people, particularly those with disabilities or emotional conditions. For example, we know that equine assisted therapy can help soldiers returning from war cope with PTSD, and we believe that pet therapy using cats and dogs can help children with autism or senior citizens suffering from loneliness. Put simply, it is our ultimate goal to help animals as they help us.

Wild Blue will spay/neuter all animals we take on at our facility. Wild Blue works with several veterinary partner in our community to ensure all our animals are sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped. As funding allows, Wild Blue also helps owned animals of low income people. Wild Blue's Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program called "Frontier Ferals" focuses on caring for feral cats outside our city limits where other programs in the community do not apply or exist.

Caring for the Environment
Wild Blue is passionate about caring for the environment. Our operations will always attempt to maintain the natural beauty of our area. Our landscaping, animal areas, and buildings will be natural, clean, and pleasant. We will "go green" to the extent possible with our funding.

Principal Programs
Our principal programs include:
(1) providing clean and cage-free sanctuary for animals in Wild Blue care;
(2) providing needed medical care to animals who are in our care, whether in foster homes or the sanctuary;
(3) conducting "Snip and Chip" services to provide low cost spay/neuter/microchip for our animals
(4) screening, approving, and keeping as many foster homes active as possible for animals who need temporary care and/or socialization;
(5) spaying/neutering all animals who come to Wild Blue;
(6) humanely trapping feral cats in our community for spay/neuter, ear tipping them for identification, and returning them to their home territory whenever possible or providing alternate sanctuary;
(7) micro-chipping at least all WB animals who are adoptable;
(8) maintaining websites to feature our cats and kittens and conducting adoption events to maximize the number of animals who are matched with forever homes;
(9) organizing fund raising efforts to support animal welfare; and
(10) networking with other animal welfare agencies in Colorado Springs and the state in order to maximize services for animals, reduce rates of euthanasia, and minimize human costs.


"Hello Wild Blue ~ I wanted to say how much a pleasure it was working with you in finding a new member of our family. "Honey" formerly known as "Anika" has found a great place in our hearts. She is the perfect addition to our home and is adapting well. Her warm and affectionate nature is the perfect fit. We thank you for helping us find her and assisting us with all your knowledge and expertise. We would definitely recommend you and Wild Blue to anyone. Thanks so much." - The Deckers

"Can't say enough great things about this place!! Staff was very helpful with identifying cats that would be a good fit for us. We adopted an almost 3-year old girl who has been a sweetheart in our home. The staff really cares about the cats/kittens in their care." - Gary Malandro

"Cedric is very happy in his new home! He has a favorite toy that he loves to fetch and he carries it around with him everywhere! We are all really enjoying him! Thanks again!" - Caitlin

"Lauri and Kate, whom we just met a few days ago, are absolutely WONDERFUL! They go ABOVE and BEYOND to ensure these precious kitties have the best possible care! Wild Blue is even taking in 51 kitties from Houston tomorrow, so they do need extra support and help right now. If we could give them a DOZEN stars, we certainly would!! PLEASE adopt or foster and donate anything you can ($, food, time) to help this loving, dedicated, vital organization in our Pikes Peak region." - Cliff Hill

"We recently adopted our kitten Ginny back in August from Wild Blue. I appreciate all the work they put into making sure that our little girl was healthy before we could take her home and making sure we were good people. They truly care about all the cats in their care which is obvious when you see how they interact with them and how they price adoptions. They clearly just cover their costs (and sometimes not even that!) so that the adoptions are affordable. I would absolutely recommend them and will adopt from them again." - Brittany Bishop

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