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Wiggins Community Fund - Pool Project

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

Wiggins is home to many civic-minded people and organizations that love to get involved in projects that better our community. The Wiggins Community Fund, together with the Wiggins Stakeholders Group, is working on a project to raise funds for a community swimming pool and to give our interested citizens an opportunity to get involved! When the fundraising goal is met, it will be used as matching funds for a GOCO grant, allowing the Wiggins community to build a pool that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

In addition to being used for the cost of construction, donations will help support the pool in perpetuity and enable future community projects. Each donation will be utilized as follows:

80% - Pool construction
10% - Operational endowment for the pool
10% - Wiggins Community Fund Endowment

We are excited to see our community grow and hope this project will be one of many successful ventures to come! To learn more visit

We are growing and building together. Please consider donating to the Wiggins Pool Project and let's get Wiggins swimming!
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Created July 19, 2017
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
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