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Broomfield FISH

Widespread Fitness is a core strength and conditioning facility located in Broomfield, CO. We help our clients by providing constant support, guidance, advice and accountability. Learn more at

Broomfield families are struggling now more than ever as a result of the pandemic. We're working with Broomfield FISH to help raise awareness and funds for our neighbors in need.

Broomfield FISH is a non-profit organization that provides food, emergency financial assistance, and one-on-one mentoring support to Broomfield residents in need. For more information about FISH go to

In the fiscal year 2020, FISH supported 12,601 unduplicated people, which is 1 in 7 Broomfield residents, with food, emergency financial assistance and critical resources. FISH also help 200 people experiencing homelessness find shelter and distributed 45% more food.

You can donate on the link above or mail your donation directly to FISH.

Broomfield FISH
6 Garden Center
Broomfield, CO 80020

Join us in our efforts to help Broomfield FISH feed families and fuel hope!
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