ViVe Wellness has organized several great programs to provide Denver's low income communities with mental and physical health, wellness, nutrition, outdoor adventures, etc. ViVe would greatly appreciate your financial support to help with our current programs and to expand our mental health support.

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ViVe ​​​​​​​
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3532 Franklin Street
Denver, CO 80205
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3532 Franklin Street
Denver, CO 80205
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P.O. Box 11003
Denver, CO 80211
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Mission Statement

ViVe's mission is to build wellness for families in communities of need through education, empowerment and physical activity.

Organization History

ViVe Wellness was founded in 2015 by Yoli Casas, award winning coach, athlete and exercise physiologist. She has over 35 years of experience in coaching and working with children and adults in athletics, physical activity, and wellness education. ViVe addresses the health equity and wellness needs of many of Denver's low-income Latino youth, who face significant health disparities and often lack access to engaging physical activity. ViVe promotes public health, mental health, leadership, and social and economic well-being. Our vision: "In Mundo donde todos pueden jugar" - A World where everyone can play.
Since 2015, ViVe has served more than 2,000 children ages 4-18 and their families through in-school and out-of-school physical activity programs that use a two-generational approach to address health needs of adults and their children. Over the last four years, ViVe has evolved significantly - doubling the number of youth served each year and continuing to tailor programming to the needs of the underserved and immigrant communities. ViVe has expanded from only offering swim lessons and community exercise classes to also offering more kids sports specific training, mentoring, workforce development and leadership development opportunities. ViVe has also evolved significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak by being able to provide more mental health support, financial support, and to provide a safe space for our communities to engage in physical activity together while respecting social distancing.


"My mother passed away when she was only 37 years old from a hemorrhage stroke which is why I wanted to start taking care of my health. I am a person that can't stay still and I always have to be doing something. I was invited to a ViVe health class, soon after I ran my first 5k and to my surprise I came in 3rd place! I kept on running because I loved it. Then I started attending swimming classes, which I had no experience and didn't even know how to float at 36 years of age. After not riding a bike for about 25 years there I was riding again. When my coach Yoli Casas told me I was ready for a triathlon I was super nervous but excited at the same time. By practicing a lot of swimming, biking, and running I have since completed 3 Ironman triathlons, 3 Half Ironman triathlons, and have qualified for the 2018 and 2019 USAT National Championships. Everything I have accomplished has been thanks to the ViVe organization and my coach Yoli Casas!" - Yolanda Chacon

"ViVe has shown me how to stay active. The support I receive from the coaches is amazing! When I started with ViVe I didn't know anything, I learned how to swim, bike, and run with time. It was a long process however even when practice wasn't scheduled I would go out of my way to go for a run or weightlift with confidence. I learned how to stay motivated and to grow into the athlete I want to one day become. I never thought I would be able to do a triathlon let alone an Olympic distance triathlon. I complete my first Olympic race last weekend! I feel really accomplished and motivated to keep pushing my limits." - Elsa Flores

"Vive has helped me concentrate on my swimming. It has encouraged me helping me understand that you should never give up. Even if your results sometimes aren't what you were expecting. It has changed me to become a better athlete. It inspires me to become a better athlete by following my dreams." - Beatrize Flores

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