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A diagnosis of critical illness changes the life of a family in an instant. The simplest daily tasks become overwhelming for parents caring for their sick child. Working with hospitals and social workers, we provide families with basic needs services meant to help them through a medical crisis.

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There With Care​​​​​​​
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2825 Wilderness Place
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301
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2401 S. Colorado Boulevard
Suite A
Denver, CO 80222
Mailing Address
2825 Wilderness Place
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301
Other Address
Brent's Place Pantry
11980 East 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80010

West Professional Building
1601 E. 19th Street, Suite 4075
Denver, CO 80218
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303-447-CARE (2273)
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303-756-CARE (2273)
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Mission Statement

There With Care's mission is to provide a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services to children and families during the critical phase of a medical crisis. We serve families referred by medical agencies by building a network of services and people who ease the burden of life's day-to-day obligations with compassion and care.

Organization History

There With Care serves families with critically ill children by providing basic needs that offset financial, economic, and emotional stresses families experience during a medical crisis. We work with families referred by medical agencies by building a network of services and people who ease the burden of life's day-to-day obligations with compassion and care. This year 74% of cases referred to There With Care involve children five years old and younger who have a diagnosis of cancer, blood disorders, and other life-threatening illnesses (including critical premature newborns in the neo-natal ICU).

There With Care was founded in Colorado in 2005. While in London working as the Associate Producer on the first three HARRY POTTER films (2001-2004), founder and Executive Director Paula DuPre' Pesmen met over 60 families of critically ill children through a program she and the movie director developed to welcome the children to the HARRY POTTER movie sets. Listening to these families, Paula heard about unmet needs, and the daily isolation the families endured: this was her catalyst for starting There With Care.

With the help of a 29-person staff (4 full-time and 25 part-time), 900 multi-generational volunteers, and dozens of local business and foundation partners, There With Care works with 170-180 families daily (a 20% increase over last year), and we project to serve 600 families this year, 87% of which live below the HUD median income level for Denver, equating to nearly 1,100 children living under emotional and financial duress.

A 2017 compassion grant supported a one-time investment to customize our database ( platform to integrate a real-time inventory system that tracks all purchased and in-kind program items. After the 2018 implementation of this system, we conducted an organizational audit, which opens up potential funding opportunities with new grantors. This inventory system investment is just one step There With Care is taking toward greater efficiency: the more efficient we are, the more time we can spend directly providing care to families.


"We were referred to There With Care right before our first chemo treatment. Our program coordinator asked about what we needed, but I didn't really know what this would be like and I didn't have any idea of the expense. We didn't consider me missing most of my work for the last husband being laid off for 60 days of work last year...or all of the travel. Our program coordinator offered to send us a gas card. Our savings were gone by then and it had only been three months. Those gas cards were a huge relief because even if we didn't know we'd get home, we knew we could at least get Abbey to Denver. There With Care has provided groceries as well. The kids, I wish you could see them when I bring the food home. For me it helps knowing that we're not alone in this and that there are people who genuinely care."
- Abbey's mom, Lisa.

I'm used to paying my own bills, paying my way and now I need help. I'm blessed that services were offered. I honestly don't know where I would be without There With Care. They are like family. They didn't even know us, but they stepped right up and helped. The volunteers brought us food, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies and our coordinator Julie sent me gas cards to get back and forth to the hospital. They are just there. It's welcomed, it's surprising, it's a blessing. I appreciate during this tragic part of our journey, they pick us up and guide us along, just a little bit, just enough so we don't fall off the map. You don't know how good that feels."
- Yazmyne's grandmother, Jacque.

"Each morning, I wake up and put a Crock-pot meal in the Crock-pot and then go to work. I work on my computer and on my phone and can smell our dinner cooking all day long. At 5pm, I close my computer and get out two plates and I make our dinner: one plate for me and one for my wife. I wrap them in foil, and then get in my car and drive an hour to the hospital. I go up to their room and give everyone hugs. My wife and I sit across the table from each other in the room and we talk about our day. What we did, how each other is feeling. Then, we talk about our daughter and any updates there might be. I usually stay until 10 p.m. or so, being with them and talking and playing if our daughter is feeling well enough. Then I give my wife and daughter kisses good night, drive an hour home, climb into our bed, and then wake up and do it all over again. The time we spend together is so precious and I look forward to it all day long."
- Father of pediatric oncology patient.

"There With Care's ability to support families of critically ill children plays an integral role in ensuring that these individuals feel well cared for at our facility. There With Care's services are as diverse as the population served. There With Care provides toiletry bags with essentials that frantic parents often forgot when racing out the door to the hospital. Another example would be their incredible meal service network. After a long day of treatment, many of our oncology families take advantage of this opportunity because without the generosity of There With Care, a hot home cooked meal would be nearly impossible to manage. In short, for which my praise and admiration for this organization is not, I would simply be unable to effectively support all of our Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children families without the invaluable assistance of There With Care."
- Social Worker at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

"When I started my career as the "Family Resource Specialist" in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children's Hospital, I quickly learned how extremely critical There With Care's involvement was for patients and families facing a life threatening illness. Due to the great need I have seen over the years, I can confidently and assuredly say that we could not achieve the things we do both medically and emotionally without the continual support and ongoing collaboration from There With Care. They play an integral role in mitigating social and financial barriers so that patients and their families can focus on their medical needs during this difficult time."
- Pediatric Neuro Oncology Social Worker, Children's Hospital Colorado.

"Championing There With Care is very humbling and easy to do when you continually see the enthusiasm and energy from all those involved. Nothing is taken for granted by them. Every time I visit one of their operations, I am taken aback by the energy and enthusiasm shown by all the volunteers. While what There With Care does is extraordinary, it is a very simple organization made up of people and volunteers wanting to, in the words of Paula DuPre' Pesmen, "Normalize the situation in whatever way we can" and they do just that."
- Employee at U.S. Engineering

"I recently received an inspiration award from you and your organization, yet it is I who should be inspired by you. Call it accident, or providence, our meeting has been more fortuitous for me than anyone else. You see, I have discovered that giving yields an unexpected result…the giver simply becomes a better person for that simple act. Inconsequential of any accolades, awards or fanfare, this tenet becomes merely a byproduct whose outcome exceeds the laws of physics in that unexpected yet certain reward to the giver…Thank you for doing all the work. I purely reap the benefits. I thank YOU for the gift you have given me."
- Jack, business owner

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