The St. Vrain Historical Society, Inc.

SVHS is committed to " assuring a future for our community's past" though the historical preservation and education for future generations. Please join our mission in preserving the history and heritage of Longmont, Colorado.

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Pioneer Days


Arts, Culture & Humanities 


Children Only (5 - 14 years)
Children (4-12 years)
General population


Imagine it-- 1860 in the Affolter Cabin, Mrs. Affolter cooks stew and biscuits over the fire as she talks with students about what life was like in the one-room cabin with no electricity, phones, indoor plumbing, or even closets! She challenges the children to think of ways her cabin differs from their homes of today.

Across the breezeway in the cabin's tool room, Mr. Affolter demonstrates the blacksmith's equipment that was so necessary for making and repairing so many items used on the farm. Outside, the boiler, wash board and lye soap await the chores of wash day.

Up the slope, at the Milk House, Augusta Hauck introduces the students to the mysteries of early refrigeration methods as she shows them the stone milk house built by her father on his farm east of Longmont on land given to him by Chief Niwot. The students learn about butter churning, corn shelling and other chores that pioneer children often did.

But pioneer life was not all chores, and Mary Dickens Allen talks with the children about what school was like in the 1860s and the kinds of games and toys that pioneer children enjoyed.

For two weeks each spring, Old Mill Park becomes a hands-on living history experience for over 1,000 third-grade public, private school, charter and home school students--teaching students about Longmont's early history and the pioneer heritage of Colorado.

For this program, trained Society volunteers don pioneer era costumes and re-enact a day in the life of a late-1800s St. Vrain Valley pioneer. Pioneer Days serves as curriculum enhancement for the St. Vrain Valley schools.


Evidence of Program's Success

Most evident of Pioneer Day's success is its longevity as a historical program recall their own pioneer day's experience, and look forward to when their own children can participate. Finally as schools face fewer field trip options due to budgetary cuts, many teachers have shared that this is one field trip that they can attend.

Countless young adults in the Longmont/ Boulder County community fondly remember their experience at Pioneer Days.

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