The Longmont Chorale

The purpose of the Longmont Chorale is to strengthen and promote the vocal performing arts in Longmont, Colorado; promote knowledge and appreciation of choral music through highly aesthetic concerts; and contribute to the advancement of choral and other forms of music within our community.

Organizational Overview

The Longmont Chorale
P.O. Box 902
Longmont, CO 80502
The purpose of the Longmont Chorale is to strengthen and promote the vocal performing arts in Longmont, Colorado; promote knowledge and appreciation of choral music through highly aesthetic concerts; and contribute to the advancement of choral and other forms of music within our community.

In 2013, members of the Chorale traveled to the British Isles for a singing tour. Approximately 40 members participated in this tour. We are now in the planning stages of our second European tour, this time to Spain and Portugal.

Background Statement

History of the Longmont Chorale

As Easter was approaching in 1936, a group of music loving Longmont citizens formed a group to perform Handel's Messiah, which planted the seed for the formation of the Longmont Chorale. As the Chorale grew larger, the range of music they were able to offer to the community expanded to include such diverse works as Guys and Dolls, Carmina Burana, and the Mozart Requiem.

Concerts were free in the early years with baskets passed for free-will donations. Today the Longmont Chorale has grown into a non-profit organization requiring a Board of Directors, with fund-raising activities to support its operation. Many artistic directors and accompanists have contributed to the growth of the Longmont Chorale throughout the years, bringing music from around the world to our community

Executive Director Statement

We do not have an Executive Director.

Board Chair/President Statement

My name is Ron Wormke and I am a member of and President of the Longmont Chorale.

I have found the Longmont Chorale to be a wonderful organization to belong to and sing in.
It is quite wonderful to rehearse and perform within the framework of the Chorale's extremely gifted and competent Artistic Director, Assistant Director and Accompanist. It is quite rewarding to learn and perform the enlightening types and forms of music that taxes our ability to absorb the essence of the moment the composers have so skillfully created.

It is very rewarding for me as President of the Longmont Chorale to note the joy and fulfillment of the musical experiences of our Chorale Members and the members of our audience. Perhaps the most pleasing and rewarding of all these experiences is the opportunity to perform major musical selections with the Longmont Symphony Orchestra. It is those types of experiences that live forever in the lives of our musical membership and performance audiences.

Finally, I am quite proud as a member of the Chorale to be able to travel with the Chorale on a two-week vocal tour of Ireland, Scotland and England in June of 2013. What better way to represent our state, our community and our chorale than to become musical ambassadors, traveling aboard and performing music to others, as Haydn stated: "Music is the universal language of the world". So true.

All This takes money. We have many projects such as Chorale Singers, small groups such as Heartland and the Sugar Beats that perform at functions aside from the Chorale. We also sponsor a "Youth Vocal Competition" and make it a point to seek local musical artists to perform with us at our various concerts. With major goals centering on Outreach we seek the financial support of the community in which we live, work and perform. Our object being reaching out to those who seek higher levels of musical experiences, inviting them to become a part of the Chorale and the return being: Giving back to the community quality musical performances that energize the very souls and spirits of our community of musicians.

Impact Statement

Top 2014-2015 accomplishments:
1. Held Youth Vocal Competition in 4th quarter 2014 where participants are judged by three independent vocal judges. The winner of each category performed in our following concert.
2. Performed four major concerts including Hebrew, historical, holiday and pop choral music.
3. Participated in 8 community events in non-traditional concert settings.
4. Collaborated with Apollo Chamber Brass, Acoustic Eidelon, and local high school choirs to support musical arts in our community.
5. Provided guidance and support to a new vocal choir for children and youth in the St Vrain Valley.
6. Demonstrated singer and audience satisfaction as evidenced by singer participation of >90 member per concert and audience feedback rating.

Needs Statement

Our Top 5 Needs:
1. Guild member volunteers to help with fund-raising and community outreach.
2. Money to cover Youth Vocal Competition involving judges' fees and venue costs.
3. Community Board members to help lessen current singer Board members responsibilities.
4. Money to cover concert venue costs
5. Money to cover guest artist fees

Testimonials from October 2012:
1) I am so proud to have such a professional, joyous choir right here in Longmont. We are blessed to have such high quality music reflected in the diction, tonality, and musical selection.

2) Scott Hamlin has done a magnificent job of growing the Chorale and planning outstanding programs.

3) We enjoyed the excellent performance. Keep up the great programs, and we appreciate the afternoon concert schedule.

4) I enjoyed the great creativity, the beautiful choir balance and the opportunities given to soloists. At times I did not want to breathe for fear of missing the next chord.
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