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Support CenterStage's Tapestry Theatre Company's fundraising efforts!

Join us for our second ever Social Distance-SING Senior Cabaret
May 24th @ 4pm

Visit our Facebook page at showtime as we'll be using FB live to air the concert.

As a non-profit, Tapestry relies on the generous support of people like you to bring Tapestry Theatre to life! We hope you will join us as a sponsor and help us to continue to create theatre that Applauds All Abilities.

We believe our actors, volunteers, community partners, sponsors and donors make up the many threads of generosity that are woven together to create Tapestry Theatre Company.

CenterStage's Tapestry Theatre Company brings inclusive theatre to life by providing youth of all abilities the chance to shine on stage. Casting young actors with special needs as leads, and pairing peer mentors as support, this unique theatre model showcases everyone's strengths and challenges societal perceptions, to embrace the philosophy of:

CenterStage's Tapestry Theatre Co. is a 501c3 that relies on the support of donors to make our programing possible. Thank you for supporting theatre that Applauds All Abilities.
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