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Support A Soldier endeavors to assist our brave service men and women who are right now on the front lines of the fight in places like Afghanistan and Syria, Africa and Central America.

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Individual soldiers, teams and units contact us with requests. The requests are sent to our vetting committee who continue to interact with the soldier(s) for specifics on the items requested. Our volunteers compile and update a database of potential donors and what it is they wish to provide. We match the request with the donor or we simply purchase the requested gear from our general monetary donations.


Evidence of Program's Success

"I am the First Sergeant of the ___Clearance Company and we are currently deployed to Afghanistan. Our mission is to clear highway 1 In Regional Command East. We have to dismount from our vehicle to properly do the route clearance for our forces have a safe ride from Forward Operations Bases across our area of operations. I was wondering if it would be possible to receive wrist held GPS's. We tried to get them before we deployed and was unsuccessful in acquiring them for the company. I heard great things about the organization Support-A-Soldier. Thank you for your Patriotism".

"I am sorry to bother your organization again, but there are some things that my Medics are buying out of pocket and i would like to help them out as much as possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Some of the items that would make our jobs easier are:
1. 4 - Wrist GPS (Garmin GPS - foretrex 401) unit to be able to have a correct grid coordinate to be able to evacuate a patient off the battle field if needed.
2. 2 - BlackHawk holster-CQC SERPA-Beretta 92/96 (Right Hand)
3. 4 - tan riggers belts
4. 2 - PHENIX GEAR Mag Pouch-Double Pistol MULTICAM
5. 4 - Gerber Knife - Paraframe i Serrated
These soldiers are so isolated from the rest of the world, and it gives them hope when they heard that your organization is willing to help. Climb to Glory".

"These unexpected but welcomed acts of kindness from complete strangers has a way of putting things in perspective and it helps us to realize that people complete strangers has a way of putting things in perspective and it helps us to realize that people back home really do support and believe in us and have not forgotten".

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