The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools

The Success Foundation is committed to enhancing educational opportunities for all students in Greeley-Evans Schools District 6 through the support of innovative learning, educator excellence, exceptional learning environments and community mobilization and involvement.

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Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools Inc​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

The Success Foundation is the foundation for Greeley-Evans School District 6. We exist to build partnerships, engage the community, and bring resources together to support the education of all district students.

Organization History

The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools was created as an independent non-profit organization to be a link between our schools and our community. Since inception in 2010, over $2 million has been received in donations. With these funds, we have supported technology needs and blended learning initiatives, career pathway programs, internship opportunities, pre-collegiate support services, unpaid meal balances, annual teacher grants and individual school projects and programs. Our vision has always been to bring community resources together to enhance educational opportunities for students. We are committed to aligning with school district mission and goals. The Success Foundation embraces innovation and the creation of exceptional learning environments. We continue to focus on supporting projects that build 21st century skills and prepares our students for college and career success.


As my time as President of The Success Foundation Board comes to a close, I look back at an amazing year for Greeley-Evans School District 6 and our Foundation. As a former administrator in the district, I know how much work has gone into getting our students where they are today. The district has more schools at the performance level, the highest state rating, than ever before! The Success Foundation is proud to support the staff, teachers, and students of our amazing district. Our Foundation continues to grow and we look forward to expanding resources to ensure all students have the tools they need to achieve, succeed, and thrive!
-Greg Voelz, 2018 Success Foundation Board President, Retired District 6 Administrator

District 6 is proud to say we now have blended learning opportunities in all of our schools, K-12! We started the journey with the question, "what if there was an approach that could help us meet the needs of our students who are so far behind they have lost hope or so far ahead they have lost interest?" With support from The Success Foundation and great teachers seamlessly integrating digital instruction into the learning process, we are better meeting the needs of every District 6 student.
-Deagan Andrews, Director of Instructional Technology, Greeley-Evans School District 6

We are very excited for the creation of a SmartLab at our school. The integration of STEM is critical for all students at all levels, not just those gifted in math and science. Many of our students do not have the opportunity to travel outside our community or neighborhood. The way in which they learn of the world of opportunity is through their education. Exposing students to real-world learning early gives hope, helps develop a meaningful path and allows students to see a future they did not know existed. We believe our SmartLab will give our students a solid foundation for post-secondary and career success.
-Tracie Rodriguez, Teacher, Billie Martinez Elementary School

Grant funds from The Success Foundation allowed students to complete multiple building construction projects for local nonprofit organizations including the Weld Food Bank, Lutheran Family Services, Poudre Learning Center, and First Congregational Church. They also built magnetic whiteboards and sensory boards for students with disabilities. When we first started, I had one student who was very passive and would not actively participate. As the student learned how to use different machines and completed the first skills building project, his confidence soared and he became one of my top students. He was the first to arrive and last to leave. That student now wants to pursue industrial arts classes in high school.
-Michal Pearson, Industrial Arts Teacher, Heath Middle School

The Success Foundation grant allowed STEM Academy students at Northridge High School to work with Power Mountain Engineering to build a Singing Tesla Coil. Students invested over 150 hours of time outside of the school day and were responsible for project management, material acquisition, design, and implementation. Students had to be nimble in their response to failure of parts and design elements, analyzing, problem solving, and creatively redesigning to reach their goals. The project definitely taught students real-world skills. Students showcased their work at a school assembly with the Tesla Coil playing the theme song from Ghost Busters!
-Brenda Rangel, STEM Coordinator, Northridge High School

Over 500 students at Dos Rios participated in our Makerspace activities throughout the school year. Students explored, created, and learned about technology and coding. They learned to sew, make jewelry, and used Cubeletes, Spheros and LEGOS. Most importantly, students developed problem solving and communication skills needed for future success. Our program has been very effective because the Makerspace fosters a collaborative culture infused with hands-on learning opportunities.
-Eva Serrano, Teacher, Dos Rios Elementary

Thanks to The Success Foundation, we were able to start a Media Club at Prairie Heights Middle School. I enjoyed working with all students and was really inspired by our English language learners. These students were newcomers to our country and took a huge risk by putting themselves in front of a camera for the whole school to see without being fluent English speakers. It has been fun to watch students grow in their reading, literacy, and social skills.
-Ryan Fitzpatrick, Instructional Technology Coach, Greeley-Evans School District 6

The Success Foundation allowed our students to work with a professional composer in writing their own music. Students, teacher and composer wrote original music and students learned to play each piece that was performed at a public concert. One student had lost a good friend in an automobile accident, and a month later lost an uncle to cancer. She thanked me for the opportunity to learn how to express herself through music and feel connected to the people she had lost. This type of humanity was incredible to witness and would not have been possible without the skills learned through this project.
-Tom Nugent, Teacher, Greeley West High School

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