Step Denver

Men enter Step in a state of desperation, having experienced destruction in every part of their lives due to addiction. Through a residential program built on sobriety, work, accountability, and community, they are able to recover.

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Steps for Success


Human Services 


Ethnic/Racial Minorities - General
Male Adults
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
Substance Abusers (Drug/Alcohol Abusers)


Above everything, our goal is to help men who have the gift of desperation end their cycle of addiction, take back control of their lives, and transition to a safe and sober living environment where they can become productive, contributing members of their families and community. Highly motivated men are given the opportunity to recover through our Peer Recovery Support Model.

To help them get there, Step Denver developed the Steps for Success program based on our four pillars: Sobriety, Work, Accountability, and Community. They receive one-on-one guidance from their Recovery Support Manager - a Step alumnus and Certified Peer Recovery Coach - recovery education groups, 12 Step fellowship meetings, career counseling, family reconciliation groups, life skills classes, and most importantly, another chance. At Step, we can stay sober together better than any one of us can alone.

"Step Denver gave me a safe and encouraging environment to help me put myself back together again. I've had the same job for 17 months, was promoted to a Pharmacy Tech position this year, and was recently asked to move into management. I attend regular AA and Step Denver meetings and work daily with others toward recovery and continued sobriety. I have met more kind and supportive people during my recovery than I have ever met in my life. I needed to fall down hard in order to know how good it feels to get back up. I'm currently living in one of the Step Denver sober homes and enjoying the fact that I have a chance to live again. The staff always tells me I did the work, but I know they helped save my life." - Mark


Evidence of Program's Success

2020-2021 IMPACT

During COVID lockdown, Step residents and alumni were up against record unemployment, the isolation of social distancing, 12-step recovery meetings being cancelled or going remote, and health related stressors.

You did not sit by - you stepped up and carried us through. It wasn't easy. Step was restricted to 50% capacity most of the year and both the Career Counselor and the Programs Team expanded their services to help former residents who were reaching back out for support.

During this period, residents had tremendous achievements in the areas of employment and family reconciliation. Step's Career Center was vital, and the Career Counseling Manager shifted his approach to meet the moment: "I helped them target industries and businesses more likely to be hiring during lockdowns. For example, while updating his resume, one man with kitchen experience was worried there would be no availability due to restaurants being closed. We looked at opportunities in assisted living facilities and he got a full-time job with benefits at a very reputable company." As a result of these efforts:

- 98% of residents obtained full-time, tax-paying employment in their first month.
- 48% achieved higher paying career path employment during their stay. (Highest on Record)

Through Family Restoration group as well as guidance from Recovery Support Managers (RSMs):

- 81% of residents reported repaired family relationships. (Highest on Record)

Alumni Follow Ups: Contact was made with 101 men in the year following their transition from the program. Alumni were heavily impacted by the pandemic and Recovery Support Managers provided coaching and support connections during these calls.

Of the 101 men contacted:
- 65% reported sustained sobriety
- 89% reported being housed
- 76% reported current employment

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