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Steele PTA

Steele Elementary has proudly been educating Denver youth for over 100 years. In its fifth year, the Stallion Fund focuses on individual giving driven by Steele parents and the community. The goal is to support educational needs determined by the Principal and Steele's Collaborative Committee (CSC).

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to "create a community of Steele" that embraces the Steele Elementary School *core values, encourages involvement and volunteerism, and advocates for an exceptional, well-rounded educational experience for our children.

*At Steele, our vision is to empower each other to explore and engage in the world around us. The Steele Community's mission is to provide the tools and opportunities that build a strong educational foundation in each child and that uphold our values:

• We value innovation. We research and practice the latest developments in education.
• We value creativity. We believe there is more than one approach and solution to a challenge.
• We value multiage classrooms. We believe in building community by developing relationships over time.
• We value integrated curriculum. We design units of study to meet our children's needs and interests.
• We value student growth. We set high expectations and strive to meet our academic goals.
• We value the arts. We express ourselves through the arts allowing us to interact with and interpret our world.
• We value physical education. We believe the strength and fitness of our bodies is as essential as the strength and fitness of our minds.
• We value second educators. We believe collaboration with future educators enriches our profession and helps provide differentiated learning opportunities.
• We value experiential learning. We facilitate learning through real life experiences.
• We value our outdoor environments as a way to learn.
• We value risk taking. We create a safe environment that allows people to experiment and make mistakes.
• We value communication. We expect open and honest communication where all voices are heard.
• We value collaboration. We share resources and leadership to achieve common goals.
• We value accountability. We hold each other to high expectations.

Organization History

Steele Elementary has a rich 100+ year history, originally a neoclassical structure designed by architect David Dryden (1861-1915) opened it's doors in the Fall of 1913 with 223 students grades K-8 with six teachers. In the late 1920's Steele's population had doubled and an expansion was in order. Architect Meryll Hoyt (1881-1933) replaced the Roman, Creek and Italian Reniassance Elements with the Art Deco building we have today. When Steele re-opened in September 1929, Steele had 18 classrooms, a library, an auditorium, a gymnasium and a Kindergarten. There were 535 students and 15 teachers.

In 2016/2017, Steele is a thriving neighborhood Denver public school with 472 students and an inclusive culture and demographic that includes:

• 16.7% minority, including 3.8% ELA
• 6.4% free and reduced lunch
• 5.1% special education

Steele is a British Primary philosophy school. We value collaboration, multi-age education, and the use of best practices. We believe that students learn through inquiry-based instruction. We believe that all students have the ability to think critically and that as educators it is our responsibility to create learning opportunities that foster collaboration and critical thinking. We believe that students learn best in a supportive environment where they are encouraged and comfortable in sharing their voice with the teacher and their class.

To ensure Steele consistently embodies the BP philosophy we hire 8 teacher interns from Stanley British Primary School every school year. This partnership helps our teachers excel by continuously reflecting on best practices. Having an adult learner in the classroom fosters a sense of inquiry, gives our students another adult to work with and pushes our staff to be on the cutting edge of education.


Our family's educational experience at Steele has been positive in so many ways. Amazing teachers, unique curriculum such as the planetarium and garden program, a dedicated staff and principle, an active and effective parent community, and a student body that strives to uphold our school code, are just some of the things that make Steele great. As a parent, the most important thing that I can say about the education at Steele is the dedication of the teaching staff and the individual attention that my children have received. Recognition of and attention to my children's unique educational needs have been addressed by the teachers at Steele. I feel that the staff at Steele always acts as an advocate for my children's educational career, and have based their recommendations on what they believe is best for my individual child. For these reasons, we are so happy to be a part of the Steele community.

Steele Parent, 2nd and 5th Grader

As a parent of a Steele 5th grader and a now 8th grade Steele alumnus, I've noticed that our students love going to school. The core content areas come alive in the hands-on, project based approach of the teachers' instructional design. Students are valued and respected as individuals and as contributors to the learning community. Creativity and collaboration are seamlessly embedded in all subjects and specials. It's part of the school's mission statement. The Steele community is also shaped by the caring, awe-inspiring volunteerism of the parents. We are so grateful to have our students learn and grow in such a nurturing, thoughtful environment.

Alison Monaghan, Steele Parent

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