Stand Up Colorado

Violence Free Colorado

Stand Up Colorado is a statewide relationship violence prevention campaign that goes beyond raising awareness to alter behaviors and affect long-term social change.

Relationship violence is not OK, but it is OK to ask for help. This is our core message which is supported by Colorado's first-ever statewide helpline for everyone - including people who are using abusive behaviors in their relationship.

All donations to Stand Up Colorado through our parent organization Violence Free Colorado are tax-deductible and used to:

- Maintain the Stand Up Colorado Helpline
- $600 pays for one week of operation

- Purchase airtime for advertising
- $1500 will pay for one week of digital ads

- Provide access to resources in various languages
- $35 will pay for trans-creation of one page of content

- Expand local initiatives

If you have any questions, concerns or would like information on how you can become a partner organization or individual influencer for The Movement in your community, please reach out to Campaign Manager Ellen Stein Wallace at

Together, we can create a future free from relationship violence in Colorado and beyond!
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Created November 13, 2017
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