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Your contributions to the Space Foundation, no matter how much or how often, help us create and deliver education and awareness programs, support expansion of our Discovery Center, forge relationships among spacefaring nations and put stars in the eyes of the next generation.

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United States Space Foundation (Colorado)​​​​​​​
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Space Foundation
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Mission Statement

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization, founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that drive the global space ecosystem.

Organization History

Advocating for Innovation. Bettering Life on Earth.

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization, founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem.

Driven by a partnership model, Space Foundation operates three divisions that unite the entire spectrum of stakeholders across the global space ecosystem - business, government, education and local communities through corporate membership, sponsorship, fundraising and grants:

● Center for Innovation and Education is a lifelong learning platform, offering workforce development and economic opportunity for students, teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals via digital programming or live at Discovery Center.
● Symposium 365 is the premier source for media and events, offering authoritative news and information and venues for networking and conducting business via the world-renowned Space Symposium, Symposium 365 Digital Platform and The Space Report.
● Global Alliance facilitates collaboration, connecting commercial, education and government stakeholders for open dialogues and joint programs around the world.

There is no doubt that space innovation is essential to every critical infrastructure on Earth. To fulfill the $424 billion market opportunity forecasted to reach $1 trillion in the next decade, Space Foundation is leading the following initiatives for 2021 that enable all people in all industries and regions of the world to advance space technology innovations for the future of humanity and planet Earth.

● Space Innovation Is Here on Planet Earth. The space ecosystem must be defined as space exploration and space-inspired industries here on Earth, most evident by the direct connection between our daily lives and space technology innovations such as communication across the globe, weather prediction, heath care advancements, supply chain operations, precision agriculture, advanced manufacturing and more.

● Space for You. Space for All. The space industry needs an inclusive and diverse workforce so that everyone in all skill sets - STEM and non-STEM - can pursue studies, jobs, careers and business ventures that contribute to solving the world's most pressing issues. This means we need artists, designers, trade workers, data analysts, project managers, administrators, inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers and, yes, scientists too.

● When We Solve for Space, We Solve for Earth. With more than 80% of business opportunities in the space sector generated from commercial enterprises, the vibrant supply chain of entrepreneurs and small businesses must commercialize thousands of available space technology patents that can contribute to bettering life on Earth.

● Space Policy and Cybersecurity: A Force Multiplier. Infrastructure sectors are interdependent, and if one falls to cyber-attack, there is a cascading effect with potentially dire consequences. We can no longer separate space and cybersecurity. Global space policy directives for systemic resiliency and sustainability must be created in order to preserve the safety and security of space infrastructure and operations.

● The Future of the Space Ecosystem Is Global Partnership. More than 85 countries and thousands of commercial enterprises and supply chain entrepreneurs are rising up to operate in the space ecosystem. As each contributes to discovery and innovation, global partnerships are how we will collectively educate and train people to meet the growing workforce requirements and economies.

● Sound Decisions Require Trusted Information. As more people, nations and businesses participate in the global space ecosystem, data is increasing exponentially while delivery platforms are expanding virtually. Accuracy and neutrality of news and information is essential.

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Our impact through a cadre of principal programs in the last year includes:

• 80,000+ people, locally, nationally, and around the globe, served

• 20,000+ students and teachers, primarily in Colorado but also from around the globe, received in-person, hands-on STEM education with cutting-edge technology tools and curriculum

• More than 225 school field trips taken to our Space Foundation Discovery Center

• 20% of field trip students were funded by scholarships, serving from rural and/or Title 1 Colorado schools, reaching low-income, at-risk and under-represented children

• 40,000+ annual visitors to the Space Foundation Discovery Center, including families, military, community groups, youth groups, tourists, teachers and students

• 14,000+ attendees from 26 countries to the 34th Space Symposium, the largest annual gathering of the space community in the world

• 8,000+ kids, adults, families and tourists were treated to interactive exhibits, STEM crafts and learning activities during our annual 10-week 'Summer of Discovery' program

• 10,000+ hours worked by 380 volunteers

• 4,578 young artists from 57 countries, 37 U.S. states, ages 3 through 18, submitted original artwork for our International Student Art Contest

• 10 years of data, resources and information were made available for the first time electronically in the Space Report Online, a single place, ready for use in research, reports, business analysis and market forecasts

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