Volunteer Recruitment & Training
by Chimney Rock Interpretive Association
Fundraiser launched on August 07, 2017 by Chimney Rock Interpretive Association
It is crucial to recruit new volunteers each year to meet increased demand, to replace volunteers who leave the area or can no longer volunteer. There are significant costs involved in recruiting and training new volunteers and retaining 80 volunteers annually. Here's the breakdown:
a. Monthly potluck dinners bring volunteers together and serve as a continual educational opportunity. Renting the meeting space costs $600 annually.
b. Each spring, all volunteers receive a free two-day training workshop. Space rental, food, and training materials costs total $2,200.
c. New and returning volunteers need First Aid/CPR Training at two-year intervals at $80 per person. Cost is $3,000 annually.
d. Volunteers receive volunteer uniforms which cost $2,300 annually.
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Without the dedicated volunteers CRIA would not exist. It is crucial to continue to recruit and train new volunteers every year. The monument has doubled in visitation in past 5 years. There are only 4 part year round time paid staff.
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