Nonprofits in our community
  • San Juan Resource Conservation & Development Council
    Help us save the local watersheds, provide care to low income folks, restore historic orchards, teach kids to dance, and help kids with dsylexia. You can also donate to our projects individually (see our fundraising pages). Visit our website at to learn more.
  • Southern Ute Community Action Programs, Inc.
    SUCAP is with YOU--every step of the way. We are there with a hand up when needed at different times in a person's life, just to get them over the next obstacle. Diverse, responsive and accountable, SUCAP will use your gift to make a difference for people and families in southwest Colorado.
  • La Plata Youth Services
    Join us to support our youth! La Plata Youth Services provides support and advocacy for youth facing challenges in school, home, or court. Last year we reached over 600 youth in La Plata County through our prevention and early-intervention, court diversion, and community-based programs.
  • Riverhouse Children's Center Inc.
    Early Childhood Education is one of the best investments we can make! Benefits of early childhood education reaches far beyond the preschool years. It has been shown that a high quality early childhood education significantly improves a person's success as an adult. On average a person who attended a quality early childhood preschool will earn approximately $2000/month than those who did not. Young people who attended preschool are more likely to graduate high school, own homes, and refrain from getting in trouble with the law. Monetary donations to Riverhouse Children's Center also qualifies the donor to receive a Child Care Contribution Credit which may qualify for up to a 50% tax credit! Investing in Early Childhood Care and Education, just makes great sense!

Empower Your Passions

As a community facilitator, the Community Foundation works to increase efficiency, sustainability, and success for nonprofits and maximize effective grant making for philanthropists to make Southwest Colorado a better place to live. We can expand the culture of giving to meet the needs of our community together.

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