Giving Calculator

How Much Should I Give?

The average American contributes 3.4% of her annual income to charities. Coloradans, in comparison, gave 3.1% of their annual income to charities.* Help Colorado meet or exceed the national average!

Calculate the Percentage of Your Income You Could Give Annually

  1. Input your annual income.
  2. Enter what percentage of your income you'd like to donate annually.
  3. Click "calculate" and see what your annual donation amount would be.
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Calculate How You Could Distribute Your Annual Donation Throughout the Year

Since you know how much you'd like to donate each year to charities, use the calculator below to help you determine how much you could give each day, week, month, or quarter.

  1. Input your annual donation amount (you can calculate it above if you're not sure).
  2. Enter how frequently you'd like to donate.
  3. Click "calculate" to see how much to donate each day, week, month, or quarter.
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* The State of Giving 2008: A Profile of Individual Charitable Giving in Colorado, Colorado Nonprofit Association