Riverhouse Children's Center Inc.

Benefits of early childhood education reach far beyond the preschool years. On average a person who attended a quality early childhood preschool earn more than those who did not, are more likely to graduate, own homes, and refrain from getting in trouble with the law.

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Riverhouse Children's Center Inc.​​​​​​​
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742 Florida Road
Durango, CO 81301
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742 Florida Road
Durango, CO 81301
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742 Florida Road
Durango, CO 81301
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Mission Statement

Building the foundation for a lifetime of success through a quality early childhood education

Organization History

In 2002, our founder, a dedicated early childhood professional, set out to create an early-learning community, that focused on the holistic needs of the children and families that it served. With a strong emphasis on education and Kindergarten readiness, a healthy food program, and a vision to provide each family with a remarkable childcare experience that they would remember for years to come. Riverhouse became one of the most sought out childcare facilities in the community. By 2004 it was clear that Riverhouse program aspired to expand their vision to support high quality early education and care to families in need believing that all families deserve access regardless of their ability to pay. To accomplish this, Riverhouse was converted to a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and quickly began serving the low income families in our community. Ten years after its inception, Riverhouse continues to be a vital resource, supporting the children and families of our community. The organization has grown tremendously in its first decade from opening its doors to only 5 children to over 100 children in 2016.


• Testaments to need of High Quality Early Childhood Staff Training
I feel so blessed to have my children in such great care at Riverhouse Children's Center. This was proven to me last summer when my youngest son, an infant, put a piece of artificial playground turf in his mouth (babies put everything in their mouth). The teacher quickly noticed something was wrong and saw him begin chocking on the plastic. She jumped into action and started to perform the Heimlich on my son. I arrived moments later for my regular pickup and she quickly greeted me to explain the situation. She was calm and collected while empathetic and compassionate. Placed in that situation, I am not sure that I, myself would have remained calm and confident in my abilities. With that said, I know each day that when I drop off my children that they are in great hands.-Current Riverhouse Parent

• Email received from former parent who relocated out of state
Hi Friends,
I wanted you to know I just made a Facebook post to my Riverhouse friends to tell them how much we miss Riverhouse and what amazing bang for the buck we got there. John's new teachers are really nice and hardworking but the curriculum is really weak. John brings home only one or two papers a week of things he has been working on, the food program leaves much to be desired, and there's little communication from the school - AND we are paying more for it!

I'm glad you are working on giving the teachers benefits and a living wage. They deserve it! We need to value our teachers and early childhood educators and they need compensation in line with their hard work and passion. I feel really grateful that John was able to be at Riverhouse as long as he was.

Hope you are well!-Mary (former Riverhouse parent-relocated out of state)

• Tuition Assistance/Emergency Fund Success Story:
Riverhouse learned that a current family had a medical emergency in which the primary income source parent had become suddenly ill and hospitalized with an unknown condition. The medical outlook was grim. The family has 2 children enrolled within our center and have been actively involved with their children's education. The family did not seek out in-house tuition assistance, but it did become apparent that meeting the monthly tuition was becoming a strain. Riverhouse reached out to the mother of the children and asked if there was anything Riverhouse could do to help during this difficult time. The mother stated that while losing the primary household income was extremely stressful, there were other stresses that became a domino effect. Without someplace for her children to be during the day, she could not be with her husband at the hospital, she could not get her husband to medical appointments, and she could not travel to the front-range to be with her husband through the in-depth testing he would be enduring. The mother was also employed locally and was missing a lot of work due to her husband's illness, and having to make alternate arrangements for the children's care.
Riverhouse stepped in and offered the emergency tuition assistance program to offset a portion of the monthly tuition for the children through the fall months, and allow the family to regain some financial independence. This allowed the mother to maintain the family home, attend to her ill husband and his road to recovery, and provided time for her to re-energize herself through it all. The tuition assistance program also allowed the two young girls the opportunity to be in school, learning, and connecting with peers through a very turbulent time in their home life.

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