Sky's the Limit Fund

Wilderness therapy is an "off the couch" effective form of treatment for youth in mental health crisis. However, it is extremely costly and not covered by insurance, making it unattainable for families with financial need. Donate to STLF and make wilderness therapy accessible to ANY youth.

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Wilderness Therapy Support Program


Mental Health, Substance Abuse 


Adolescents/Youth (13-19 years)
Alcohol, Drug, Substance Abusers
At-Risk Populations
Young Adults (20-25 years)


Sky's the Limit Fund (STLF) serves families with financial need whose youth are in mental health crisis. STLF makes wilderness therapy accessible to people who, without financial support, would otherwise be unable to benefit from this effective form of treatment. And, STLF provides the critical transitional support following wilderness therapy, coaching and teaching the family so they have the best chance for success moving forward.

When youth suffer from mental health illness, families face an uncertain future filled with fears of suicide, incarceration, and/or drug overdose. After trying various treatment options with no success, families find that wilderness therapy, followed by a transitional support program, is the catalyst for change they have been looking for. Although wilderness therapy has become widely accepted as an effective form of treatment for youth in crisis, it is extremely costly and not often covered by health insurance, making it an unattainable option for many. By making wilderness therapy and transitional support accessible, STLF helps put youth on the path toward becoming healthy, functioning and valued members of their family and community.

The Wilderness Therapy Support Program consists of three components:
1. Wilderness Therapy - STLF provides funds, $3,000- $10,000 per youth, to offset the high cost of wilderness therapy. We partner with 10 wilderness therapy programs across the United States and require our partners to match our funding with a reduction in tuition. Therefore, funding of $7,000, when matched by the partner program, becomes a $14,000 reduction in tuition for the family. STLF has an on-line application process, which requires financial documentation (tax returns, W-2's, etc.), followed by an interview. A family accepted to one of our partner programs applies for support, and if approved, the funds are paid directly to the wilderness program after the youth has entered the field. STLF partners with highly accredited wilderness therapy programs.

2. Family Coaching Service - STLF offers a 12-15 week transitional support service free of charge to our families after their youth returns home from wilderness therapy. We also offer this program to families who have not received support from STLF for wilderness therapy, for a fee of $1,500. The service is lead by our two Family Coaches (contract employees) who have years of experience as therapists in wilderness therapy, transitional support care, and traditional therapeutic care. The hands-on approach helps guide families out of the pitfalls of relapse and into healthy, balanced family dynamics, and a life of success and independence for the youth.

3. Parent/Guardian Mentoring and Young Adult Peer Support - STLF connects parents who are new to wilderness therapy with alumni parents with the goal of giving new families the strength to successfully navigate the treatment process. STLF recently added the Young Adult program to specifically support young adults during their transition from wilderness therapy back home or to an independent living environment.


Evidence of Program's Success

"We were so grateful to have the Family Coaching Service after wilderness! The STLF family coaching service really supported us as parents. It is such an emotional journey and to have someone there walking you through that process (someone who also had previously worked with a wilderness program) was so helpful. We are so glad that the service offers this much needed support!"

"Before I went to wilderness therapy I was paralyzed by anxiety and fear, I had trouble with even the simplest tasks- getting out of bed, eating, showering, not to mention attending classes and doing my assignments. I felt like I was living under a heavy cloud and I didn't see a future for myself anywhere. I had lost all confidence in myself and my dreams. I was pretty much hopeless. In a sentence, wilderness therapy saved my life. I might not have been suicidal when I left but I was headed in that direction and being at the program made me realize that there were so many things to see hope in and a million little things could be put together to create a happy moment. Everything that I learned at wilderness therapy is still with me."

"The support we received from STLF was nothing short of a miracle. Our daughter's life trajectory was disastrous. She would have ended up dead, in jail, or both. Now she approaches life with enthusiasm and joy, and is taking charge of her future."

"Wilderness therapy changed my son's life and my family's as well. He got the much needed therapy in the field and we got a break from the stress and dysfunction that our life had become.... He has literally been transformed by this experience. We greatly appreciate the support that we received from STLF, as the financial burden is great. Wilderness therapy should be accessible to all who so desperately need it."

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