SURJ Families of Boulder County

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

SURJ Families of Boulder County is part of a national network of groups organizing white people for racial justice. We are committed to building race-consciousness and anti-racism among parents/caregivers, educators, and community members who work with children. We are focused on providing the tools and support needed to challenge white supremacy - in ourselves, in others, and within the systems in our community - and empower our children to act for justice. We do this so that children may express comfort and joy with human diversity, have accurate language for human differences, and develop deep and caring connections with people of other racial identities.

50% of all money raised for Colorado Gives Day will be used to pay the legal fees for a father in Boulder County who is facing deportation. Your donation will help Jose stay in Colorado, where he has made a home for the last 30 years. He has a wife and two children, who will experience great loss and financial hardship if he is forced to return to Mexico. Families belong together. Please support today.

SURJ will use the other half of funds for community organizing related to race-conscious and anti-racism in our public schools, and/or support for families of color in Boulder County.

Support anti-racism in schools, and help keep families together.
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