Seniors' Resource Center, Inc.

Seniors' Resource Center is a community partner providing person-focused, coordinated services to enhance independence, dignity and quality of life. Our vision: SRC will continue to ensure quality of life through a constellation of services, information, advocacy, and leadership to meet the needs of the community enabling individuals to age in the place they call home. SRC directs its integrated service delivery to implement innovative solutions that meet the needs of under-served seniors.

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Organizational Overview

Seniors' Resource Center, Inc.
3227 Chase St
Denver, CO 80212
The Seniors' Resource Center is a community partner providing person-focused, coordinated services to enhance independence, dignity and quality of life.

Our vision: The Seniors Resource Center will continue to ensure quality of life through a constellation of services, information, advocacy, and leadership to meet the needs of the community enabling individuals to age in the place they call home.

SRC helps older adults and adults with developmental disabilities maintain their independence with dignity and improve their quality of life. To accomplish this, SRC directs its unique, comprehensive and integrated services delivery system to fill gaps in service, create effective and efficient partnerships and collaborations, avoid duplication of services and implement innovative solutions that meet the needs of under-served seniors and communities.

The Adult Day & Respite Center, a 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility at our headquarters in Wheat Ridge opened in September, 2011 and is proving to be a resounding success for our clients and their caregiving family members who seek quality care for their aging loved ones! The new center is part of a two-phase Capital Campaign. Phase 1 was dedicated to the construction of the new center and is completed. Phase 2 was focused on the renovation of the 96 year old headquarters, originally a four room school house.

More about Phase 2: Phase 2 renovation is complete as of early 2016 and will allow SRC to renovate the current headquarters, housed in the original Columbia Heights School (circa 1920.) This renovation will greatly help SRC with upgraded energy efficiency, and in turn will reduce overall operational costs. The old building has been streamlined to assist SRC as we provide programs for the vulnerable population served in the Denver metro area.

SRC in actively engaged in new projects, including the visually impaired services (within the care management program), and the collaborative Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities , AKA NORC program and a mental health outreach GateKeeper training program, currently in its' third year.

SRC continues to expand our services to meet the needs of the growing population of older adults. Please call the Director of Development & Marketing to arrange a tour of SRC at 303-235-6918.

Impact Statement

Seniors' Resource Center provides five core programs that can stand alone or be easily combined to deliver supportive services that help clients and their caregiving family members maintain a meaningful measure of independence, while enhancing quality of life.

In recent years:
In 2013, SRC provided direct services to 17,802 older adults and their families throughout Jefferson, Denver, Adams, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Douglas, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield and Park Counties. In 2014, we experienced a 7% increase in numbers served, totaling 19,160 individuals. In 2015, SRC served 24,500 with a wide range of services and of those, 11,912 individuals were assisted by in-depth care options! This trend will continue, as the Baby Boomer generation reaches the designation of "senior" and seeks information and direct services. The organization's services help people remain in their homes for as long as possible.

SRC is unique because it offers comprehensive services in a one-stop setting, thus enabling older adults to access information, referrals and programs easily. Many of SRC's services are available at low or no-cost, depending on income limits and residency.

SRC has five primary program areas: Transportation Services, Volunteer Services & Opportunities, Care Management, In Home Care and Adult Day & Respite Services.The organization is headquartered in Wheat Ridge with additional locations in Lakewood (Starr Center), Littleton (Southwest site) and SRC-Evergreen.

Over the years, SRC has been recognized both locally and nationally as a leader in providing services to older adults. In 2008, we were selected as "Nonprofit of the Year" by the West Chamber. In 2009, SRC received a Colorado Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (CAHSA) award for the innovative partnership with Wheat Ridge Internal Medicine (WRIM.) In 2011, SRC was honored by LeadingAge with the national Outstanding Advocacy Award, which recognizes an organization for advocating for aging services at the local, state or national level. In 2014, SRC was honored by the national organization, LeadingAge with the Not-for-Profit Excellence in Leadership Award. The state organization, CASTA honored SRC in 2014 with the Human Services Agency of the Year award. In early 2016, SRC received the Non Profit Organization of the Year from Adams County Action Network (ACAN.)

SRC has been recognized as a national best practice organization for its innovative programs and collaborations by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. NCOA also selected SRC to be one of five test sites in Colorado for Benefits CheckUp, an innovative web-based system that allows seniors to monitor their eligibility for public assistance. In addition, SRC-Evergreen was identified as an innovative home and community-based service provider.

Background Statement

SRC was founded in 1978 through efforts of community groups and individuals committed to having one centralized agency that would be available to provide information and referrals for coordinated services for older adults and their families.

Seniors' Resource Center has earned the distinction of being one of Colorado's largest and most respected charitable organizations serving seniors and their families whose staff and volunteers create innovative, effective, and coordinated care for the particular needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. During these 38 years, SRC has grown into a recognized national leader in senior services, serving senior residents and their families in Jefferson, Adams, Boulder, Clear Creek, Denver, Gilpin, Park, Arapahoe, Broomfield and Douglas counties.

SRC coordinates services and referrals using a one-call approach that significantly improves seniors' access to the range of resources they need, and eliminates having to conduct a confusing, protracted search for the services they require. SRC is enhancing and expanding services in order to meet the growing needs of seniors.

The Denver metro area's population of adults 60+ is estimated to more than double by the year 2020, according to the Denver Regional Council of Governments. In addition, seniors' life expectancies are expected to continue to rise. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the average life expectancy of a U.S. citizen will increase to 80 years in 2025 from 77 years in 2005. Thus, the 60+ population is not only growing substantially, but they are living longer.

With this rapid growth of the older adult population in the Denver metro area, SRC has significantly expanded over the last 36 years. SRC is a large, highly regarded provider of community-based senior services in the Denver metro area.Over the last several years the need for services has grown dramatically!

Needs Statement

1. SRC knows that the percentage of older adults in the Denver metro area will increase from 2010 by 62% by the year 2020! Jefferson County has more seniors (age 65+) than any other of the state's 64 counties!

2. Building Program Capacity. As the population ages, SRC continues to find ways to keep up with this demand for services.

3. Expansion of Coordinated Care. We would like to work with even more partners in the medical community.

4. Expansion of Geographic Area. Making our services available to more of Colorado, especially Denver.

5. More Volunteers to support our mission and manage more volunteer driven programs which will increase our ability to help more individuals.

6. Development of new collaborative partnerships to enhance service delivery throughout the community, while reducing the likelihood of duplication of services.

Board Chair/President Statement

August 1, 2016

When dedication, expertise and a great mission combine, tremendous good can be accomplished. This is the case with Seniors' Resource Center, and it is what drew me to serve on the Board of Directors. As Board Chair, I get to work closely with inspired staff members and am able to experience how greatly the SRC services are needed in the community.
Seniors' Resource Center (SRC) fills a void in the lives of many elderly community members who could not continue to live in their homes without assistance. And, just as Colorado Gives Day is cherished in this community, so is SRC. I am grateful that SRC has been able to do so much for so many. SRC services provide supportive care, transportation and help with household tasks.
For most of their lives older adults have managed fine without any assistance. Once they reach a point where they could benefit from occasional help, where do they begin? The answer for thousands of seniors every year originates with one-call to the organization. SRC fills gaps in services, promotes sustained independence and provides comfort to elderly Denver area residents.
For people who want to give back to the community, we welcome more than 800 volunteers annually with an impressive array of choices of how to help seniors. I invite you to join SRC's efforts to provide improved quality of life to the clients who look to SRC for care; whether through contributions or volunteering. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Deborah Dale Brackney,
Board Chair

Executive Director Statement

Letter from the CEO
July, 2016

When Seniors' Resource Center (SRC) began in 1978, we served a community need for older adult residents of Jefferson County. As the years progressed, SRC expanded our service area, providing quality care for more individuals each year. SRC is the "go-to" agency for seniors throughout the Denver metro area. In 2015, we served 24,500 older adult community members, an increase of 21.8% over the previous year.

Our programs are relevant to our clients' needs, collaborations are developing and projects are expanding to meet the growing population of older adults. Society is aging. This trend will continue, as more Baby Boomers reach the designation of "senior." Longevity has increased and with it, a growing urgency to help more people as they manage issues related to aging.
In the years ahead, greater numbers of older adults will reach out to SRC. The organization will continue to deliver customized care that will make the difference between living as independently as possible during the aging process vs. being prematurely placed in a long term care facility. I invite you to visit our website, and especially to make a plan to tour our Wheat Ridge headquarters.
Compassionate service goes hand-in-hand with cost savings to society whenever SRC delivers care to the elderly on fixed incomes. SRC is here to help! Our list of services includes:
• Rides to the grocery store and medical appointments,
• Help with tax return preparation,
• The installation of grab bars,
• Raking yards and deep cleaning of homes,
• Packing and unpacking during a move,
• In home care, including light housekeeping and personal non-medical care,
• Victim assistance,
• Evidence based mental health outreach,
• Adult day & respite services to support those with dementia and their family caregivers,
• Neighbors-to-Neighbors program to reduce social isolation, and much more.

Aging will affect us all. Together we can help elders maintain a good measure of independence. SRC welcomes volunteers. We are grateful for the support of our donors. Please join SRC in giving the community many great ways to age in place. Your support is appreciated.

John Zabawa
July, 2016

Testimonials 2016

"Being at SRC's Adult Day Center really brought my mom back. For that, I'll be forever grateful."

"Your staff person cleaned my yard really well and it was very hot and he never complained. He came back and cleaned my home. He did a beautiful job. It made me feel so good to have a clean yard and clean home."

"Without my Personal Care Provider, I couldn't live at home any more. I wouldn't be able to do anything without Seniors' Resource Center."

"Everyone at SRC was courteous, friendly, and very helpful. They helped me maintain my family and provided a great place for mom to be while I was at work. Can't say enough good things about everyone I had contact with at SRC."

"The Adult Day program gives me a break and a safe environment for mom, so she is not isolated. SRC provides a lot of great ser¬vices. I could not take care of her full time and do not know what I would do without SRC."

"As a caregiver, I was truly losing any joy in my life. My husband's Personal Care Provider changed everything."
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