San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition

In fostering a local foods system, the LFC is vitalizing farmers, the economy, and the environment by reconnecting our Valley's residents with soil, seed, farmer, and harvest. We are increasing access to the bounty of the San Luis Valley harvest and weaving together the fabric of community.

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San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition​​​​​​​
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412 State Avenue
Alamosa, CO 81101
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412 State Avenue
Alamosa, CO 81101
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P.O. Box 181
Alamosa, CO 81101
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Mission Statement

The mission of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition is to foster an equitable local food system that restores the health of the people, community, economy and ecosystem.

Organization History

Organized in 2009, the Local Foods Coalition (LFC) began as a grassroots gathering of farmers and ranchers, school food-service directors, the local food bank, community garden staff, nutrition educators, businesses, nonprofits and residents from the San Luis Valley. The Coalition came out of the LiveWell Colorado healthy-eating active-living work conducted from 2007 to 2013 with Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. serving as the fiscal agent. The newly formed LFC sought to develop local food networks, educate the community, and promote programs and policies that create a sustainable local food system for the region. In 2011, the LFC appointed its first board of directors and in 2012 became its own 501(c)3 non-profit organization, eventually transitioning its mission to 'foster an equitable local food system that restores the health of the people, community, economy, and ecosystem.' The LFC is currently staffed with nine full-time employees, seven part-time employees, two in-service volunteers, and many partners, volunteers, and contractors.


(Rio Grande Farm Park) "Our kids like to get outside with us and enjoy the outdoors and learn about farming. The food we grow is organic and less expensive than anything we could buy at the store. The farm brings us all together outside. it is good for our family and good for the community." Francisco Lucas, Rio Grande Farm Park Community Member from Alamosa, CO

(Cooking Matters) "I wouldn't have been able to do this without the child care. One time, my son had the choice to stay home with his dad, but he insisted to go to cooking class. So, a huge thanks to the staff. This class helped me make healthier choices" Eva U

(Cooking Matters) "I have learned to incorporate healthy foods into 3 meals a day. I've also realized the importance of checking labels. It was all perfect." Brook

(Cooking Matters) "I now pay attention to what we are putting in our shopping cart. Also taught me that I actually like to cook.
Thank you!" Eduardo A

(Cooking Matters) "This course was a reminder that it is not hard not eat cheap and healthy." Laura B

(Cooking Matters) "It has been so great to get together with other women each week to learn more about bringing greater nutrition into our homes, sharing common challenges or helpful experiences and eating a great meal together! I have really enjoyed the community that this course has brought out! And Zoila is just amazing!" Holly P

(Cooking Matters) "I have learned new recipes, new ways to buy foods, and new ways to compare nutritional labels. I loved it, truly I did. Do not change Zoila, she is amazing. She is the perfect mix of instructor, friend and guide" Mandy W

(Valley Roots Food Hub) "As a natural foods chef and culinary instructor, I am fanatically discerning about the quality of my food. Having recently moved to the San Luis Valley from the San Francisco Bay Area, I couldn't possibly imagine how the foods of this region could equal what I was accustomed to through the California CSAs and farmers markets. When the first box arrived, I opened the lid and gasped with glee. I found not only an abundance of immaculately fresh organic produce but a lovely sampling of local value-added foods as well: Squash, peaches, mushrooms, greens, root vegetables, quinoa, sunflower oil, and even some potato chips! The freshness of the food re-ignited my love of cooking and made eating a total delight. I am so glad that my California food snobbery has been nipped in the bud by the comparable and in many ways superior quality of Colorado's organic fare, and I bow with deep gratitude to Nick and his crew at the Valley Roots Food Hub for enriching the quality of life for all of us. For as long as I live here, I'll be a subscriber!" Marcella Friel, Natural Foods Chef & Mindful Eating Coach

(Local Foods, Local Places / MOKI 'Mobile Kitchen') "Remember when you featured green smoothies at the farmers' market? My elderly father suffers from anemia and he began taking green smoothies after he tried your recipe, and the doctors were surprised at his high iron levels and asked him how he achieved this. He replied 'My green smoothie!' and has shared the recipe with several of his medical providers. He is now completely off his anemia meds and takes his green smoothie religiously." Antoinette T

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The Enterprise Zone Contribution Tax Credit provides a tax credit to Colorado taxpayers that contribute to targeted enterprise zone (EZ) projects. When taxpayers make a certified contribution, they can claim 25% of a cash donation as a state income tax credit or 12.5% of an in-kind donation as a state income tax credit.

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